Here are some of my favorites from the past week with family:

1. Children’s Museum of Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston is wonderful! It is so amazing that we actually went twice in one week. If you are ever in Houston I would HIGHLY recommend taking your children. Even having gone twice we barely did everything they had available. The exhibits are perfectly designed for curious minds (and hands).

Boys loved “kidville” with a real grocery store, bank, newsroom, police station, ambulance, bike shop and vet’s office.

Here are a couple 2-year olds learning about the molecular structure of water. =)

The face painting station was a big hit.

Of course we had to make the reindeer clothes pin craft! (note the two Spidermen with me).

2. S’mores 

A MacFadyen family tradition is to light the fire pit, cook marshmallows and enjoy s’mores.

Fortunately we had a beautiful evening to enjoy this tradition (while attempting to keep all children safe and alive!).

This little guy was most interested in eating the Hershey chocolate!

3. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

A definite highlight for me was the Candlelight Christmas Eve service we attended. It was the perfect length for children with a nativity play the children from the church performed. Interspersed with the play were the classic Christmas Carols. The boys loved it. This was the first year all 3 boys held their own candle…big milestone! The Light of the World!!

4. Superhero & Santa pjs Christmas morning

Another family tradition is to give all the grandkids matching pjs to wear Christmas morning. This year the boys all wore santa pjs and the girls wore elf pjs, both from Crazy 8.

This year my hubby and I joined in the fun with our own special pjs. Given the season of life we are in, we felt “wonder woman” and “superman” pjs were appropriate. Get your own pair of wonder woman pjs by clicking on this link.

5. Formal Family Pictures

We successfully captured 10 children aged 7 and under in one picture…all looking adorable and at the camera!! With a little Photoshop these wonderful photographers (MD Turner Photographers) were able to put together a pic with all kids smiling!

6. Sea World

We fit in a fun little trip to San Antonio this week and visited Sea World. A favorite from this visit was my two youngest first time on a “real” roller coaster.

My 2-yr-olds favorite was meeting all his Sesame Street friends.

I loved observing our kids and their cousins watch the shows.

We were also very impressed with the inclusion of the Christian version of Christmas at Sea World. The Shamu show was filled with traditional Christmas Carols. Even as we were leaving the park they were performing beautiful carols…”O Holy Night”, “Away in a Manger”, “Silent Night” AND my youngest son’s favorite…”Joy to the World”.  Which we have now re-named: “Joy to the (Sea) World.” (love how he shakes his head as he belts out the last word of the song).