Lying in the hospital bed. My legs immovable & tingling from the pain medication. An oxygen mask placed over my face. Epinephrine placed in my IV line to increase my heart rate. Listening to the heartbeat of my yet-to-be-born child slow each time I contracted.

Helpless. Fearful. Praying.

As I wondered how this child would be delivered…if an emergency c-section would be necessary…was my child harmed each time his heart rate dropped…

I asked the nurses what I could do. The answer was “nothing.”

I was left with my fears and my projections. I attempted to take my thoughts captive. I reached out to friends via text for prayer.

To turn my heart to hope and away from fear…I thanked God for how He had provided in the past. I thanked Him for giving us this child when 10 months ago I was having endocrine problems & thought pregnancy was impossible. I thanked Him for the jobs he provided when we did not know what we would do next. I thanked Him for bringing friendships each time we moved to a new city. I remembered each child he has safely delivered…each of my healthy, happy, handsome boys.

“Be pleased to save me, LORD;
come quickly, LORD, to help me.” Psalm 40:13

A year ago a friend’s son survived a scary ordeal in the NICU, fighting for his life against RSV. To commemorate God’s faithfulness and deliverance in that situation they placed a large stone in their backyard. She called it their “ebenezer”.

What is an “ebenezer”?

The word “Ebenezer” comes from Hebrew and is actually two words pronounced together: Even Haazer…the Hebrew word for “help” (Ezer) and putting it together with the Hebrew word for “stone” (Even) to create: “Ebenezer.”

Literally speaking, an Ebenezer is a “stone of help,” or a reminder of God’s Real, Holy Presence and Divine aid.

When challenges arise, when tragedies strike, when fear presses in…we need to pick up our ebenezers…our “stones of help” and raise them up. His help in the past reminds us that He is capable to help us in the present trial.

As I lie there in a hospital bed incapable of safely delivering my son in my own ability. I replayed His past faithfulness to give me hope that He would faithfully deliver this child. No matter what damage was done to get that child out…He would be faithful even in that.

I was blessed that Knox David was born perfectly healthy. I did not suffer any physical ‘damage”…a recovery easier than any of my previous children.

I will “raise my ebenezer” because He was my help when I was helpless.

I will share of His faithfulness to everyone so that He will be glorified. We can praise Him together.

“I have told the glad news of deliverance
in the great congregation;
behold, I have not restrained my lips,
as you know, O Lord.
I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart;
I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation;
I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness
from the great congregation.” Psalm 40:9-10

What is your story of His faithfulness? Do you keep record of His past provision (an ebenezer journal)? Will you share here in the comments so we can praise Him together?

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