Top 5 Mommy Tips from the Momheart Conference

Feb 29, 2012

Having attended the Momheart conference literally days before my baby was born, I’m still processing all the awesome encouragement and advice presented. There were several things I heard that have “stuck” with me. Here are top 5 mommy tips I learned from the Momheart conference:

1. THERE IS A TIME FOR THAT (Julie Chambers)

With 3 busy guys at home a majority of the week, there are lots of messes around our home. My approach has been to constantly clean up throughout the day…but that’s exhausting!

Julie Chambers shared an awesome mommy advice list. One item she shared was to assign a time of day that you will clean up the mess. If you know that at 5 pm you are going to pick everything up then you can let it go until that time.

This can also work for other chores…laundry on Mondays, then you don’t have to worry about the laundry until then…bathrooms on Tuesdays…dishes while prepping dinner. Assign a time for chores and don’t worry about them until it’s time!


Sometimes as Christian women we can claim that a ministry or calling is from God and we then prioritize it above our responsibilities as a wife or mom.

Stacy shared that if God is calling you to His work, He will see it come to completion without sacrificing your primary calling as a wife and a mom. If your family is suffering, then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate that “calling”.


If my children are going to imitate me, then I need to consider who am I going to be for them to mimic.

Sally and another mom, Deb Giles, encouraged us to find an older Christian woman or someone to keep you accountable. You need someone in your life to straighten you out when you are off-track and someone who can encourage you regularly.

Sally said, “Find people who make you want to love God more…then make them meet with you.”


This tip is for when your children ask you a question that they probably know the answer to…like “Why do I need to wear a coat?”

Instead of responding with frustration and irritation, you pleasantly respond with: “I’ll give you two guesses.” If they play along, they may say, “Because it’s cold outside?”. To which you honestly respond, “Wow! you are so smart . You only needed one guess! very impressive.”

I tried this with my 4-year-old a couple of times already and he was beaming. He was so proud of himself for guessing correctly and only needing one guess. 😉


How many of us have heard “motherhood is a sacrifice”? Just having my 4th child, it really does feels like I’m sacrificing a lot…my body, my freedom, my emotions.

Jennifer had a fresh perspective on the topic.

She shared that for years she viewed motherhood as a sacrifice. She had given up her body, her dreams, her career. Then 10 years into motherhood she realized it’s not a sacrifice…it is a good work for His glory. 

This new view in her role as a mother has transformed her prayers…changed her responses. Things in her day that she used to view as inconveniences she now views as opportunities to show mercy. His name is made great when she shows grace & mercy with her family.

Even though I have sacrificed my body, freedom, etc. these pics remind me that it is a good great work for His glory!


  1. Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience

    Thank you. THANK YOU.
    And please give that sweet babe a kiss from here? 🙂
    All’s grace,

    • Heather MacFadyen

      You are very welcome Ann. I would love to give him an extra set of kisses from Canada. 😉

  2. alice

    Wish I could have gone to this conference. Thanks for sharing. Thinking about motherhood as sacrifice inspires one of two things in me depending on whether I’ve had second cuppa coffee.

    1) resentment and an attitude of “Am I the only one in this house who sacrifices anything/hangs up a wet towel/puts a new trash bag in the trash cans?!”

    Or 2) a hefty dose of unearned self-righteousness about how holy I’m getting by being so sacrificial.

    It’s good to have a different perspective. God has called us to offer love and compassion to a world enslaved by sin and suffering. That includes my little people! What a great job-

    • Heather MacFadyen

      okay miss alice, you are amazing! such wisdom presented with the perfect amt of wit! miss you friend!

    • jennifer kindle

      agree, alice. that’s what the Lord was doing in my heart…I saw myself either resenting the gift of motherhood or feeling self-righteous and prideful about it…thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ashley B.

    Awesome post! I think #5 has really convicted me! Like Alice noted for her #1 & #2, those are easy traps to fall into. I’m not to look at my role as the suffering martyr or holier-than-thou. It’s how I use those moments of ‘inconvenience’ and redeem them for His purpose by not choosing selfishness, entitlement, pride, etc. and instead choosing to overflow with love, mercy and grace!

    Unfortunately, it was a week of learning this lesson the hard way as I felt annoyance, frustration, etc. from lack of sleep (10 month old not sleeping thru night!). It wasn’t until I really prayed for the Holy Spirit to help me that this idea popped into my head. . . I’m not entitled, nor do I deserve, a full nights rest! My mission is to glorify my Father by making sure I steward my time, energy and resources to his blessings – My Children! ♥

    • Heather MacFadyen

      thank you Ashley for sharing your own struggle here with us. I think we all know exactly what you are talking about…feeling frustrated but realizing we really aren’t entitled to the convenient lifestyle we expect.

  4. jennifer kindle

    Heather, thanks for the shout out. In regard to Ashley’s comment…it was quite interesting sharing my heart at Sally’s and then coming home to live it out, I failed so many times in just that one week but I agree with her…it’s only when I allow the Holy Spirit to work through me! So hard…so thankful for His grace.

  5. Julie Chambers

    Thanks, Heather! I’m so glad you enjoyed the conference! I learned so much, as well!


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