I know I haven’t been doing my usual “Few Favorites Fridays”…but my world is very full of “baby” right now. Also with the new baby I haven’t been cooking dinners (thanks mom!) or playing as much with the big boys (thanks dad!). So this week I’m focusing on my favorite newborn items.

1. Miracle Blanket

I had this awesome blanket with my 2nd and 3rd babies. It truly is a miracle. Most babies love to be swaddled (the first “S” in the 5 “s” method of “Happiest Baby on the Block”). This blanket makes it super easy to swaddle your little one & keep them swaddled.
Basically after feeding him and changing his diaper, I wrap him up in the miracle blanket and within minutes he is asleep. miraculous! You can order it on Amazon for like $30 (good gift if you have a friend/daughter/niece having a baby). Here is a link: miracle blanket.

2. Baby Log App

When I was in the hospital they had me track when I fed Knox and when I changed his diaper, etc. Once I got home I still wanted to keep track of feedings, but I didn’t want to have to find the paper and pen and write down each one.

Of course there is an “app for that”! 

The Baby Feeding Log app is great. You can keep track of feedings…when they started & ended. If you bottle feed you can log how many ounces the baby drank and if you are nursing you can say which side you fed the baby from. You can also log diapers (wet, dirty, both) and how long the baby slept.

3. Vintage Pearl Necklace

So this may not be an “essential” but it is a favorite from this week! My sweet sister-in-laws bought me this beautiful necklace. I love that it has all 4 boys names on it. I love it even more that it has the verse: “Sons are a heritage from the Lord.” If you want to give a meaningful gift to a new mom, check out the vintage pearl.


4. Muslin Wrap

I received one of these blankets for my 3rd son and he still sleeps with it! I was thrilled when I was given one for baby Knox. It’s the perfect weight and size. I have used it as a swaddling blanket, a cover over the baby & car seat when we are out in public, a nursing cover, you name it! 

I found they come in a 4-pack on Amazon for $50: Aden + Anais muslin wraps . They also have a 4 pk especially for Target for $35: Aden + Anais for Target. You can get a 2 pk on their website for $32 & 1 pk for $22: Aden + Anais website.

5. Lots of love

A favorite from this week & an a newborn essential is lots of great cuddle time with baby Knox. The boys are drawn to him like a magnet…which becomes a problem when he is trying to sleep. In those few moments when the baby is not eating or sleeping he is the recipient of a lot of brotherly love. My favorite moments have been when my 2 1/2 yr old wants to sing to the baby for him to fall asleep. Precious.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBwgyGzCSf8]