This was the first week since Knox was born that I got a glimpse of “normal” life. I am still getting lots of help from friends & family…meals, gifts, time. I’m full of gratitude for the generosity of those in our lives. I also have enjoyed some great memories with my boys. Here are some of my favorites…my gratitude list:

1. Gardening “light”

I thought I would expose the boys to gardening…but on a tiny scale. Each boy chose two plants from the local nursery. They planted them in two flower pots we had on the back porch. 

My 6-year-old & 2-year-old both chose tomato and strawberry plants (if you know our family that makes perfect sense). My 4-year-old made me laugh with his choices: watermelon (which should be interesting if it does grow…given the small garden space) & mint chocolate. =)

And nothing says “manly” gardening like Cars gardening gloves.

2. Outings

I felt like myself when I was able to take the boys to the zoo & the arboretum this week. Fortunately my sister-in-law & two of her boys joined us at the zoo. It was fabulous! Great weather. New koala exhibit. Adult conversation. Cousin memories.

Another day this week a friend texted me asking if we wanted to join them at our local arboretum. I love going in the spring because the tulips & azaleas are gorgeous. This year they have playhouses each decorated for a different famous artist…which was super fun for my Kindergartener who has been studying these artists at school. 

Monet’s bridge

Best part of outings with friends…you get to be in pictures with your kids!

Last weekend we were brave & took all 4 boys on a bike ride to the local park.

3. Bubbling colors

Saw this fun little “experiment” via twitter from the Quirky Momma (kids activities) blog. The boys LOVED it and I loved that I had all the required elements in my kitchen! All you need is: food coloring, baking soda, & vinegar! Here are the directions from the Quirky Momma blog: Baking soda and vinegar reactions-make lava.

Add food coloring (we used gel and it worked)

Take turns shaking baking soda on top of food coloring (the boys also tasted it…and agreed it was “yucky”).

Then take turns squirting vinegar on baking soda, using a medicine dropper (they were not fans of the taste of vinegar either).

BIG hit! They loved seeing which color would come bubbling up.

(Of course I was wearing Knox in a sling during the entire activity…he cried off & on until finally falling asleep…thus is my new life!).

4. Newborn Family Pictures

For my 2nd & 3rd boys, Steve Colwill of Poetic Exposure captured precious pictures our family & sweet newborns. Of course, we had to do it again. Poor Steve…photographing 3 active boys is not an easy job. He is a genius! He grew up in a family with 6 boys so he loved the energy. His calm & positive demeanor are contagious. The boys did great. He created a video montage of the pics…check it out here:

Here are some of the pictures:

5. Lost tooth!!

Breaking news…the night before publishing this post my eldest son lost his first tooth! He was so super excited. I was thrilled to be there when it happened. He was worried he would lose it at school and so he hasn’t been eating “hard” food for lunch. =)

Do you remember losing your first tooth? Where were you?

What were some of your favorites this week?

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