I don’t know about you, but I really wish my boys didn’t want anything for Christmas (insert lyric “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”).  In my ideal world they’d ask to buy goats for a family in Africa instead of begging me for another Lego set.

But alas, my boys are human. And they are expecting toys this Christmas. Since we already have been blessed with an abundance of things, we’ve simplified what they’ll be getting from us:

  • something they want (probably Legos)
  • something they need (most likely shoes)
  • something I make (hoping to build a Lego work shelf…kinda like this one)
  • something to read (bought some books at our Classical school book fair).

And simplified the extended family gift exchange…they receive gifts from each set of grandparents and secret santa gifts from a couple cousins. Thats 4 more gifts…for each of the 4 boys, which is 16 gifts total! Wowzers.

It sounds like I’m complaining. Really, I just don’t want more things in our home (especially more Legos…can I get an “amen”?). Honestly we are having a hard time coming up with a Christmas list. So, I could use some help. I don’t know if you are struggling to think of presents for your kiddos, but maybe we can help each other out?

I’ll share some toys my boys have liked (ones they were just given at our “Christmas at Thanksgiving” or toys they already have). Would you share some good ideas in the comments? By commenting you will be entered to win a fun giveaway…make sure you check the end of the post to find out what it is!

Favorite Riding toys:

1. Plasma car (all boys)–Shared this one many times before…but it’s truly that awesome. But more of a ride up-and-down the driveway (& in the house) kind of toy. Not so much a “go on a long walk” toy.  Click here for price: PlasmaCar


2. A good bike (elementary boys)– nothing beats a new bike for Christmas. We like buy from our local bike shop to get a quality bike that can be passed down to younger brothers. Our favorite brand is Trek. 

3. Rody Inflatable Hopping horse(toddler to elementary)-Our boys discovered these in the back of Toys’R Us and started racing down the aisles…laughing, falling over, smiling big. So both Knox & Watts got one for Christmas. I think my two oldest boys ride them more than the younger two! Click here for price-Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse

4. Mini kick scooter (preschool boys)-Apparently these scooters are popular in England. We liked the stability of the three wheels. And how it is light enough for me to carry when my little guy gets tired of “scootering” on a walk. Click here to see price-mini kick Scooter – Blue

Favorite play toys:

5. Learning Tower (toddler to elementary)I’ve mentioned this one before as well, but if you don’t have one I would say it’s been the thing my boys have played with the most. Whether they are standing on it to help me cook or using it for a puppet show or outside selling lemonade. Top “toy” for sure! Click here for price-Little Partners Learning Tower  here’s a pic from this past week using the additional “play kit” (click here for the Playhouse Kit ).


6. Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman cave (toddler to Kindergarten): All my boys love to play with this toy. Lots of secret doors and entrances. I’m actually surprised it’s such a hit. Click here for price-Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave

7. Classic Tonka Garbage truck/Fire truck/Helicopter (toddler to Kindergarten)-These have proven to be go-to toys for my boys. If you don’t own any then they would be great for Christmas. (This is one version I found-Tonka Lights & Sound Fire Engine

*Don’t buy>>If I could do it over, I would not buy any car race tracks or micro-charger tracks-like this one. This toy just doesn’t hold their attention long enough. Really how fun is it to just watch a car go around a track? Nascar fans don’t answer that question.

BUT if your boys do like to play with hot wheels, here is a fun stocking stuffer idea: Civil Engineer Tape.

Favorite games:

8. Plexus Rookie (preschool to adult)-I’ve had to remove this ball from their room at night because they will stay up taking turns trying to “win” and complete the maze. Once I take it from their room, I play it! A one person game but highly engaging and good for eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. Click here for price-Perplexus Rookie

9. Rush Hour, Jr (ages 6-8…& brilliant 4 year olds

)-There are several versions of this game, but all the same premise. The card tells you how to arrange little plastic cars, which are blocking in an ice cream truck. The goal is to slide cars out of the way to remove the truck from the jam. Great game for spatial awareness, patient problem solving and sequential logic. Click here for price-ThinkFun Rush Hour Jr.

10. Ticket to Ride-Great board game for ages 8 to adult. Have spent many hours playing this game. We prefer the European edition. Click here for the price-Ticket To Ride – Europe

**Don’t Buy>>The boys REALLY wanted this Hot Wheels car maker set (which I realize is not a game, more like a craft…). In theory this is a super cool toy, turning wax sticks into cars! But it takes a good 20 minutes to make one car. And you have to sit next to (or at least within earshot of) the machine the entire 20 minutes (a hard thing for boys to do). It actually requires adult supervision for my boys’ ages (4-8 yr olds)…something we discovered when one boy put the wax stick in the wrong way. Which meant removing 10 different tiny screws and opening up the machine to fix the problem. Needless to say…I wouldn’t recommend this one.

A Bonus gift>>New Favorite thing to wear:

Baby Bow-ties (newborn to toddler)-I first saw these adorable bow ties at a MOPS meeting. Aren’t they adorable? The company actually gave a couple to Knox for his “something he needs” presents (thank you Baby Bow-ties!). Check out all the cute patterns she has available (Click here for the site www.babybowtie.com). Don’t you love the tins they come in? (Knox does!).

Okay your turn! Help a girl out. What are you getting your kids?

Leave a comment to be entered to WIN a Baby Bow-tie!!

Giveaway ends December 15th. Once notified winner will choose the pattern of bowtie to receive.

**If you are looking for God-centered gifts check out this post from a couple years ago and for book ideas check my “What we’re reading” posts

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