I remember the transition into motherhood being a bit like a slap in the face (but with all the smooshy love feelings. . .of course).

“You mean they are going to just let me walk out of the hospital with this baby? But I don’t know what I’m doing!”

And that quote came from someone (me) with a Master’s Degree in 0-3 child development, a lifetime of babysitting experience and at least seven Cabbage Patch Kids.

It’s hard to go from only worrying about your needs (and your spouse’s) to keeping a human being alive. . .24/7.

This week God impressed upon my heart the need to encourage the new mom readers/listeners. He kept repeating himself.

Then I got Victoria Wilson‘s email message about guest posting on my site from the perspective of a new mom. And I did the natural (crazy) thing and scheduled a time to interview/chat with her. . .and recorded our convo to publish for y’all.

If you know a new mom who needs encouragement that she’s not alone in all-the-feelings, then pass this podcast along.

What we chat about:

  • Importance of knowing you aren’t alone in your mental struggles with this new role.
  • The mom spectrum–from not wanting to be a mom to always wanting to be a mom, but having a hard time with the reality.
  • How your marriage is affected by a new baby–the mom’s center shifting towards the child and the husband being left out.
  • How to not micromanage your husband’s interaction with the baby.
  • The appropriate use of technology to keep your marriage healthy.
  • Remembering you have children in your home less time than you will be a mother to adult children.
  • Coming to an agreement with your husband on parenting issues–sleep training, etc.
  • The benefit of husbands who aren’t overly influenced by parenting trends. . . listening to his perspective before running them over with all-the-articles.
  • When parenting resources conflict, what should parents do?
  • Remembering God made you for your baby and trusting He gave you all you need to care for him/her.
  • Physical strength from the Lord is a real thing.
  • How motherhood takes you to your most broken, most reliant place.
  • My husband’s favorite advice for new parents.
  • How to transition from no kids to kids, with your girl friendships.
  • Ideas for connecting with other new moms.
  • Tips for extroverts in getting social needs met.
  • Importance of having a “thing” you pour yourself into outside of motherhood.
  • Don’t use every nap to clean up the house–a permission slip to nap yourself and do your soul thing.
  • Making time in your schedule for God–figure out what time works best for you.

Connect with Victoria:

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Show Notes:

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11

He gently leads you. . .

be gentle to yourself, sweet new mom.

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