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Here’s the scoop (and why it’s my Friday favorite):

Honestly, I have a stack of books on my bedside table. I’m not really looking for more to read.

But then I started scrolling through this list of ebooks. Very quickly 10 books stood out to me. Ones I’ve either always wanted to read (classics by Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, and A.W. Tozer) to ones I think I should read for a better family life.

I write & podcast here about how to learn more about God, how to disciple others, how to train your children, how to be a missional family, and how to reach across the chasm into a broken world.

Through this bundle, you are given a library of resources to work towards being a God Centered Mom.

Back to those 10 books I found. . .if I bought them outside of this bundle?

It would cost me. . .$97.

With the bundle I can buy all 10 (+ the other 74 books come along with them) for just $35. 

I was a biology major, not a finance or math guru. . .but I’d say that’s a good deal.

AND there are some bonuses that come with the bundle.

My favorite bonus is the set of cards by DaySpring. I’ve been given sets of cards from them before (as conference giveaways). I’ll tell ya, it is so nice to have a card ready to hand a friend when I’ve forgotten to buy one at the store. Keeping these in a drawer has helped keep my friends. 😉


The pack includes matching envelopes and retails for $19.95 but is included free with the bundle. (Shipping costs are not included.)

So. . . if you are interested. . .

In case you are curious. . .
Here are my top 10 choices from the ultimate Christian Living bundle:


1. The Art of Storytelling

We hear over and over the power of a story. But how do we tell a story well? Can’t wait to get more tips on captivating and moving people through words.

Christian Classics Series:

2. Absolute Surrender

He’s one of my favorites! “Like all of Andrew Murray’s books, this one will speak simply, directly, and powerfully to your heart and spirit until the lessons in it literally become a part of your spiritual nature.”

3. All of Grace

I’ve never read this classic. But Spurgeon has a way with doctrine and words and I look forward to his thoughts on grace. “This book presents a comprehensive teaching on the subject of God’s grace. Basing his thesis on several Scriptures, including Ephesians 2:8-9, Spurgeon shows how salvation is all of grace.”

 4. Fellowship of the Burning Heart
Tozer? Um, yes please. “This book contains rare, never before published material of selected, transcribed, edited sermons delivered by A.W. Tozer as well as In Pursuit of God, Christianity Today “Readers’ Choice Award” winning biography of A.W. Tozer…”
Devotional Life:
5. Mornings with Tozer
Even better a 366-day daily devotional to begin your day with the wisdom of A.W. Tozer. Fabulous.
Family Living:
6. Because I Said So
This book stood way, way out to me. Think myself, and my boys, could benefit form the study of obedience. “Journey through Scripture and learn about people who struggled with obedience in this 26-page Bible study that includes HOW, WHY, and WHEN we should obey.”
7. Saying Yes to God As a Family
Remember when I interviewed Kristen about the maternity home she started in Africa? This is a guide for families to spend time in God’s Word together. What a great resource. Do you want to spend time with your kids in the Bible, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you wonder how to even keep your kids around the table in the first place…
Married Life: 
8. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

What woman doesn’t need this? “Matthew and Lisa Jacobson have been married for 21 years. They’ve laughed together, cried together, slept together, raised children together, and walked together for over two decades.”

9. 365+ Ways to Love Your Wife When Your Kids Are Young
And for your husband. . .”Are you in the stage of life where days are short, nights are long, and sometimes you don’t get to have a conversation with your wife let alone a chance to do something that can really impact your marriage for years to come.”
Reaching the Lost: 
10. Reach: How to Use Your Social Media Influence for the Glory of God

Laura is a good friend and has a huge heart for discipleship. She’s also created this book with real examples of how God is using social media to influence people for Christ. “Receive tools to help make the most of your online influence for God’s kingdom.”

 Those are my top 10. Which of the other 74 books would you add to the God Centered Mom Library?

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