**The winner of a copy of, “In This House We Will Giggle” is Alicia Merritt. Congratulations Alicia! For the rest of y’all, 10,000 points!  I was blown away by y’alls kind words and thoughtful comments. blessed.**

I know an apology isn’t necessary, but something inside me feels I should apologize for not writing my stories and thoughts in this space lately.

Perhaps the best way to explain is not so much an excuse, but a list of where you could find my stories happening. . .

1. I’ve been writing what God’s doing in my heart, over here (Facebook page)

2. I’ve been writing about the boys and life and great recipes, over here (Instagram)

3. I’ve been interviewing amazing people and sharing their goodness with you, over here (iTunes) & here  (Stitcher).

4.  I’ve been counseling and discipling women . . . in real life. In my living room. In a church hallway. In the gym locker room. Over real coffee (not virtual coffee clubs).

5. I’ve been studying God’s Word (Moses’ life) . . .with real women, on Wednesday mornings at Bible Study Fellowship. And teaching God’s Word to preschoolers on Sunday mornings. And praying God’s Word with friends, Wednesday nights.

6. I’ve been training and loving and serving my boys. Baking cookies on a Monday afternoon. Gathering on the couch to read a favorite Christmas book. Going on adventures around Dallas.

7. I’ve been caring and connecting with my husband. Stopping to sit on the couch together, laughing at a pointless (much-needed) sitcom. Lingering a little longer in the kitchen, as he washes dishes and shares his day. Making time to get the oil change during the week to save his time on the weekend.

8. I’ve been making our house more of a home. . .not just pinning on Pinterest, but decorating and organizing. Creating peaceful spaces and comforting places around our home.

9. I’ve been making my health a priority. Spending less time online and more time with Him. Buying a week’s worth of salads and drinking Kombucha. Meeting a friend at the gym for my favorite dance class. Picking up that novel I started back in the summer and never got past chapter 1.

See. Told ya I didn’t need to make excuses. Just give you a peek into how I’m owning my life. Choosing to focus on what I feel matters most.

One of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson, has a new book coming out in January. She is the one who inspired me to “Own My Life”. In fact, after I heard her speak on the topic I immediately texted five friends to see if we could start meeting every other week.

If you are looking ahead to 2015 and wanting your days to not just “happen” but to have meaning and value, then maybe you should check out Sally’s book and pre-order a copy (here).

 What “real” life have you been living? How do you hope to own your life in 2015?