The Well-Versed Family :: Caroline Boykin {Ep. 51}…and giveaway!

Dec 11, 2014

A harsh word thrown across the table by one brother led to an all-out verbal war in the midst of the mashed potatoes. Not quite the family dinner I pictured. So I  jumped in with the lecture (and a side of guilt). . .blank stares greeted me.

If you missed it, don’t worry, tomorrow night we’ll be back again for the next performance of “life around the table” (don’t forget to tip your waitress).

anyone else relate? 

I love and care and serve my children. My heart longs for them to live their best lives. To stay on the path of life and pursue God whole-heartedly.

But my lectures and my training can only go so far.

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

Ultimately, they need to be led by the Holy Spirit, to hunger and thirst for righteousness, and to be called sons of God.

All of these things made possible through a knowledge of God’s Word & the way of salvation.

Today’s guest, Caroline Boykin, guides us on how to help plant seeds of Truth in our children’s hearts. Through fun activities and a foolproof way to get your kids to ask YOU to work on memorizing Scripture, this podcast could change the course of your children’s lives and your family dynamics.

Right after I recorded this episode there was another ‘opportunity’ to use the first verse she mentions. . .”harsh words stir up anger, but a gentle answer turns away wrath”.

After re-training the older boys and teaching my 5 year old, I saw improvements in their interactions that afternoon (not “fixed” by any means. . . . but better). When the harshness started flying again it only took a quick reminder to readjust their attitudes & words.

Maybe our dinner tonight will look a little different. Thank you, Caroline!

AND in honor of Christmas, we are giving away a copy of the newest edition of her book, “The Well-Versed Family”. . .to be released January 2015. 

Just comment below to be entered to win. Giveaway ends December 16th. Winner announced December 17th. Book to be delivered once it is released.

What we chat about:

  • Why Caroline loves her newest hobby of bee keeping.
  • Who first introduced Caroline to God’s Word.
  • The Barbie Battle that led Caroline to teaching her own daughters Scripture memory
  • “A harsh word stirs up anger, a gentle word turns away wrath.” Proverbs 15:1
  • Letting God’s Word train, instead of lecturing.
  • Learn, Link & Live method.
  • “Early Scripture memory is the single most effective life shaping tool in a parent’s toolbox.” -Joe White (Kanakuk Camps)
  • How Caroline picked the verses she included in her book, Well-Versed Family
  • How do you decide which verses to teach your children first
  • Foolproof approach to Bible Memory!! (SUCH a great idea)
  • “If you take care of the minutes, the years take care of themselves”- Benjamin Franklin
  • Dawson Trotman’s “last thought, first thought” theory of the power of the last thing you hear before falling asleep.
  • Three fun Scripture memory activities you can do with your kids

Connect with Caroline:

Blog :: Book (new edition – Jan 2015) :: Twitter

Show Notes:

Did you memorize Scripture as a child? If so, what verse comes to mind most often? If not, what verse do you want your children to know?

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  1. Paige Wright

    Heather, what a great podcast! I feel so inspired (and equipped with these excellent suggestions) to lead Sophie on the journey of Scripture memory. I’m so glad I made time today to listen! Thanks for this post.

  2. Emily

    Awesome, can’t wait to listen! We’ve been discussing the topic of Bible memory with our tiny children in our Tyke Mamas group so I am excited to share this with them too!

  3. Debi Schuhow

    My husband and I are raising our two grandsons, 7&8, they are 14 months apart and their squabbling is about to be the death of us. I think the scripture verse I’d like them to memorize is:
    Proverbs 17:9
    Overlook an offense and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and – good-bye, friend!

    My husband and I were called by Jesus late in life so we didn’t memorize Bible Verses as a child.

  4. Sam A.

    Definitely going to give this a listen. Thanks for sharing! The book sounds like a great tool. πŸ™‚

  5. Tara Dailey

    I never memorized scripture as a child and am not really sure how to teach it to my children. I would love a chance to win this book!

  6. Jessica

    So excited to listen to this. I just went and read through the sample pages of this precious book, and it seems like such a wonderful resource, tool, encouragement to have.
    Many blessings,

  7. julie w

    Thanks for another great podcast! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the book. Can’t wait to get a copy. I was extremely motivated in Sunday school to memorize verses while growing up but sadly I don’t remember them and am now relearning them with my kiddos. Thanks!

  8. meganspires

    Heather, I cannot wait to read Caroline’s book. I listened to your podcast today and this book sounds amazing. God has put it on my heart lately that we need to amp up our Scripture Memory as a family in the coming year. My four boys are all about object lessons and activities that help Scripture stick and I love how it helps to make it’s way deeper into their hearts. As always, your podcasts bless me like crazy. Thanks Heather!!!

  9. Tammy

    This is so great! While our children are already grown, there are many things we wish we would have done differently. Even so, God still did work and one of our two sons serves God, the other not yet. I would love to read Caroline’s book.

    By the way, I am in planning stages for my first blog site, seeking out a name from God.

  10. Erin Mills

    Excited for a solid resource to help teach my kids the importance and value of Scripture!

  11. Stefanie

    Thank you! I cannot wait to listen, learn and apply.

  12. Shonda

    I agree with all these ladies! Scripture memory with kids is #1 on my heart. When I was a new mom it was suggested that I say or sing Scriptures while I was changing baby’s diaper. I did a little bit. I love memorizing and I want to do more with my kids. I would love more ideas to help make these Scriptures applicable and fun. This looks like a great resource. Thank you always for your podcasts and excellent guests.

  13. Julianne

    What a wonderful podcast!!! Really want to win this book πŸ™‚

  14. Renee

    I’d love this book! We’ve been doing scripture memory work with our homeschool curriculum (My Father’s World) and it has been a lot of Proverbs. I felt affirmed after listening to this interview! And I can’t wait to check out the Biblical Parenting podcast – I do like Scott Turansky.
    Thanks, Heather, for continuing your great work of blessing us mamas. I appreciate you.

  15. meaghan

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to checking these resources out πŸ™‚

  16. nichole Harrison

    I was so blessed by listening to this today! I was never taught scripture as a child and did not even grow up in a Christian home and I struggle with scripture memorization as an adult. My girls are 2, 11 mo, and one on the way and I am so excited to have these scripture memorization methods in my toolbox as they get older! God is so good! We will definitely learning and using gods word together, so grateful for this opportunity! Can’t wait to get this book!

  17. lisa @ being stepmom

    I did memorize scripture as a child, in Sunday School and at VBS. What comes to mind most is the Lord’s Prayer and For God so loved the world. I really enjoyed this podcast and learned so much! Thank you

  18. Carolina

    Heather you have some great podcast guests and I love listening each week! I love Caroline’s ideas for introducing scripture and weaving it into our day. I need it as much as my children do!

  19. Rachel E

    Loved this episode! I feel so inspired to start memorizing more Scripture with my littles (3 and 1) while I have them home with me daily!

  20. Lindsey

    I’d love the book.

  21. Grace

    Would love to win the book! Really need to make this a part of our day!

  22. Caitlin

    I have recently been called to refocus on my relationship with God! Your podcasts help keep that flame strong and give me so many tools that in can use in my daily life! I am so thankful that I found this blog/postcasts and all the lovely, inspiring people who come on the show! If I don’t win the book, I’m definitely buying it! Can’t wait to do this with my family πŸ™‚ Again, you are changing lives! Thank you!!!

  23. Chandra

    SO grateful for this podcast! This has been a goal of mine with my daughter, to teach her scripture and was just the inspiration I needed!! Sorry I’m posting this late, but I just got around to listening to this podcast, and really inspired me to make it a 2015 goal to find a verse whenever I can with my sweet child. Thanks again!


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