Have you ever been in a situation and didn’t know what God wanted you to do next?

Leave a job? Move to a new city? Adopt a child? Stop trying to adopt?

Thankfully God has plans.

He knows them completely. . .and, bonus, He knows your role.

Now the execution of those plans may be difficult, but He is good and will redeem all things.

Today’s guest, Emily Thomas, vulnerably shares her story of trying to follow the plan. Worried she’d miss it. Assuming she had to do all the right steps in order to make sure God’s plan succeeded.

Emily is a funny (funny) talented mom to two little ones. She writes over at HeyEmilyThomas.com and creates inspiring & fun canvases (one she is giving away!).

After Emily shares her mom story, she and I talk about some great topics: relying completely on God, boasting in our weaknesses, and how to keep your eyes on God throughout the day.  Good stuff.

What we chat about:

  • Emily’s journey through infertility.
  • The “yes’ and “no”s. .  . following God, not knowing His next answer.
  • The brave love of birth moms who allow other moms to parent their babies.
  • Emily’s story of wanting to be prepared for the 2nd baby, hoarding baby stuff for 2 years, then selling it all.
  • What happened as she stood outside a consignment store holding an empty laundry basket.
  • How we all get stripped of what we think “matters” in motherhood and required to lean totally on God.
  • The process of following God through all the “yes” and “no’s”, learning to listen to what He’s doing.
  • How what we believe about God affects how we view life’s trials.
  • Why Emily got hit by bicyclists when she lived in China.
  • How Emily “keeps her eyes on God” during the day-to-day.
  • How God is not shocked by our weaknesses.

**GIVEAWAY***: A print of this beautiful canvas by Emily, with the line from Hillsong’s Oceans. Leave a comment below or a iTunes review to be entered to win. Ends February 15th, 2015. Winner announced Feb 16th.

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How do you keep your eyes on Jesus during the day?

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