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“People. People needing people. . .”

Yes, we need ’em. But, y’all, I struggle always loving my people. I’m prone to focus more on what’s wrong than on what’s special and good.

One person whose helped me see the unique in my everyday interactions, is today’s podcast guest, Sophie Hudson (aka, “BooMama”).

Sophie writes, with Southern charm, the stories of her life. She models a joy and appreciation for people and why we’re blessed to have ’em in our lives.

Y’all, Sophie’s a great writer. She’s been blogging for almost a decade and regularly writes for THE Pioneer Woman.  Plus, she has written two books filled with great stories: “A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet” and “Home is Where My People Are.”

But more than all that, she’s just nice. (And warm-hearted.) (And dear.)

On today’s episode she and I giggle quite a lot. We also get a lil bit serious while Sophie shares some wise “God-Centered Mom” words. She gives tips on being a good friend and dealing with feeling ‘left out’. Oh, and we talk about the faith journey for the “good girl”. . .the gal who didn’t have the 180 transformation. All good stuff.

What we chat about:

  • Sophie’s fab job and how Heather wishes such a person existed back in her high school days.
  • How Sophie started blogging and writing books–“everyday a new pile of nothing we’re just happy to serve”.
  • How Heather messes up the names of Sophie’s books and what Sophie’s MIL calls them.
  • How everyone should record the stories of their people.
  • Sophie’s crazy, uh-mazing memory for details (but not for jokes).
  • How Sophie & Heather are “cabooses by a mile”. . .and better for it.
  • Why Sophie’s new book is #1 in the “History of Christianity” category–even with chapters on fried chicken & stirrup pants.
  • And how in this book she talks more about her faith journey–“History of (her personal) Christianity”.
  • How the “good girl” struggles working out her faith.

“If you’ve ever wondered back to the moment you came to faith and if it was real. . .then ask yourself, ‘Are you different now?'”

  • How Sophie is handling the topic of faith with her son.
  • The keys to life-long friendships–being for each other, assuming the best, and being a safe place.
  • Love people the way you want to be loved. . .don’t “test” them.
  • “Blessed when you leave, blessed when you come back in.”
  • How you can wear yourself out trying to include everyone–Everyone can’t do everything together.

“You’ll never regret being nice.”


Connect with Sophie:

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Links Mentioned:

  • Sophie’s books: A Little Salty & Home is Where.. (you can download the first chapter of both books by clicking on these links!)
  • “The Social Media” Sophie mentioned her students tweeting her about (and why Sophie’s an official celebrity):

If you could sit down today and write about a person from your life, who would it be?


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