How are you doing?


What is the pace of your day? What do you long for and feel you are missing out on? What activities have you crammed in your life out of a “should” mentality? When do you focus on your spiritual life?

Today we are getting honest about our lives.  And discussing ways to deepen relationships, simplify schedules and connect spiritually.

This week’s podcast guest is the talented, Shauna Niequist. Author of several books (“Cold Tangerines”, “Bread & Wine”, etc), she has a new devotional available called, “Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are”.

If you are longing for friends you can share vulnerably with, Shauna offers a simple plan.

If you struggle with the concept of slowing down and “savoring”, we discuss our own struggle and practical ways to start.

If you want to expand your spiritual life beyond time alone with your Bible, then Shauna paints a beautiful picture of what that can look like.

Shauna dishes out oodles of wise words. Enjoy!

And if you are interested, here is where you can get a copy of her new book, “Savor” (click on book for Amazon affiliate link, expect longer shipping time):




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Sams Club

What we chat about:

  • What Shauna usually cooks for St. Patricks’ Day
  • Why Shauna has always shared so openly
  • Advice on how to start being vulnerable with your friends–a simple plan to get started
  • Articulating the things that are undone and not what you’d like about your life, but choosing to be okay with what is and to savor.
  • Advice for the Type A/ control freak who struggles to be fully present.
  • How striving and doing can make us tired and lonely–how Shauna learned that the hard way.
  • Setting boundaries and taking breaks from the internet

In modern day parenting we’ve equated love with efficiency.-Wayne Muller

  • What our kids view as “present, loving parenting”
  • Disappointing the right people
  • Fear that drives creatives. . .”I have to hustle or the opportunity will go away.”
  • Realizing your life will look completely different in 15 years
  • Why Shauna decided to write a devotional and how it came from her own personal journey
  • Why there are recipes every 14 days
  • What Shauna learned from her trip with 25 other ladies

When somebody tells the truth about their life, especially the ugly side, the scary side, it sets you free to live with that same vulnerability and courage. -Shauna Niequist

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