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Having more than two children, all younger than 5 years old, is a challenge.

It’s hard to forget my summer of 2009. . . three boys all under the age of four.


Last week I watched a sweet mom holding a lap-jumping infant, while trying to negotiate with a disgruntled 2 year old, and answer the questions of her curious 4 year old, all in a whisper, trying to keep them quiet in the middle of a theater performance.

That’s when the post traumatic stress feelings came back to me. . .

The overwhelming sense of failing someone or something. Remembering the exhaustion of meeting needs 24/7/365.**

And yet. That’s no longer my reality.

Here I am 5 years later and my life looks completely different.

We just went on a family trip. And yes, of course, there was the usual whining and fatigue. But all-in-all we had a wonderful time with four kids. . .and came back happy, not spent.

So when today’s guest, Hanni Go, mom to 3 kiddos, emailed me about doing an episode focusing on life with lots of young kids, I agreed wholeheartedly. Because moms to little ones need a nap HOPE!

Perhaps you aren’t that mom.

But I’ll bet you know someone who fits this description and could use a little pep talk of “me too” today. Feel free to pass this puppy along to your friend (awarding you 20,000 good friend points).

In our conversation, we cover the gamut. . .from setting your schedule to decreasing middle-child-bad-behavior to spending time with your spouse.

Hanni shares some great practical tips and I try to help give encouragement and perspective.

**And FYI, I also have the fondest memories of cuddling with those three little boys. Spending loads of time playing and loving precious tiny men.


What we chat about:

  • How do we balance life when there are so many people who need you, all the time, at the same time
  • Re-evaluating commitments during the busy years of little ones
  • Accepting the help of others and swallowing our pride, not trying to do it by ourselves
  • Setting realistic expectations for how life will be
  • Recognizing this time with lots of littles is hard, but over in 5 years.
  • The memories of your young children aren’t about your failures, but how they felt
  • The challenge of type A moms in the little years to feel like they aren’t getting a lot “done”
  • How God shapes us into His image through those challenging times.
  • Seeing the significance of the work you are doing–not resenting your husband & his work
  • Know what kind of mom you are. . .let go of being all-the-moms
  • How to discipline consistently when all your kids are different
  • When you and your husband differ on discipline
  • Why middle children act out more and how to help
  • One guaranteed way to help make your day run more smoothly
  • How to get some “self care” time during the day
  • Defining what your family values and focus in on those things
  • What helped Heather feel ahead of the game during those “little years”
  • What Hanni started doing one night a week to feel refreshed and encouraged
  • How to care for your marriage during these years with lots of littles
  • The value of the little years on your children’s future devotion to God (examples of Hannah & Jochebed)

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