What Your Kids, Marriage & Mind Need :: Monica Swanson {Ep 82}

Jul 27, 2015

Sometimes mid-week or mid-day I get stuck in a faulty mindset.  That thinking impacts my behavior. The result is yucky…and doesn’t meet the needs of my kids, my husband or myself.

Anyone else relate?

Today’s podcast guest is Monica Swanson (aka, “The Grom Mom”). As the homeschooling mom to four boys, 5 to 16 years old, she understands what a chaotic, full, and imperfect home looks like.

Yes, Monica lives in Hawaii. Yes, her boys are adorable. But they are all human. And they make messes and mistakes. So Monica’s learned that in order to enjoy the life she is living she needs to adjust her perspective.

In this episode, Monica and I chat about what teenage boys need, how to re-connect with our husbands and how to reclaim a healthy body image. Each topic led us to a conversation about re-calibrating what we see.

(Personally loved her thoughts on how we can “expand” our pre-set mental limits).

((Oh, and definitely check out some of her blog posts linked below. . . you’ll be happy you did)).

What we chat about:

  • How did Monica and her crew end up (and stay) in Hawaii
  • What teenage boys need from their moms
  • The one thing that can change everything
  • How Monica re-calibrates her perspective
  • A new way to think about your perceived limits (your “up to here”)
  • Learning to ask our husbands for what we need
  • What to do to re-connect with our husbands when there is distance
  • A new ebook Monica is writing about healthy body image
  • The importance of getting our mind right with Scripture and affirmations

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  1. Jennifer

    I started listening to your podcasts about a month ago and have been totally blessed by your ministry. Thank you! I have 2 boys under 2 and today’s podcast was exactly what I needed to hear. It helped me redirect my thoughts to Christ and inspire me to change some bad habits with Christ-honoring ones. Thanks again!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      wow Jennifer! thank you for commenting and letting me know how you’ve been blessed. I’m finally clueing in myself to the absolute battle of the mind and the importance of taking those thoughts captive. praying His truth washes over you today!! blessings. *h

  2. TheRasmussenClan

    I loved her word “EXPAND” …as Christians we are FREE to expand, no longer enslaves to our sins, impatience, and anger. God released us, freed us up, giving us the ability to expand, the CHOICE to expand that unbelievers don’t have! Thanks grommom!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      so so true! no longer slaves to our fleshly desires. I need constant reminders to walk in that reality throughout my day. bless you!! *h


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