Know God by Studying His Word in 15 minutes a Day:: Katie Orr {Ep 101} *Giveaway*

Dec 28, 2015

Anyone relate to the feeling of falling out of a spiritual rhythm while on vacation or between Bible Studies or over the holidays?

Raising my hand! 

Sometimes it’s due to a lack of time and/or space. Other times it can be due to a personal lack of discipline (which I’m sure none of us will struggle with as we conquer New Years’ goals. right?). Or maybe its not knowing how to study the Bible for yourself.

Thankfully, my guest today, Katie Orr, is here to help. She created a simple way to inductively study God’s Word in just 15 minutes a day. (Hallelujah!).

As a former Campus Crusade (Cru) team member, Katie learned that God’s Word is more than a book to be studied. But as a means to know and love the living God.

In this episode, Katie shares her personal journey of discovering inductive Bible study, defining what that means and outlining her “FOCUSed 15” study method.

I can personally attest to Katie’s passion for women to read and study the Bible for themselves. She has poured hours into created these studies not for her own glory but that God’s Word would come alive in homes across the nation. Thank you, Katie!! 

Lastly, Katie and New Hope Publishers wanted to give TWO listeners copies of her new study, “Everyday Hope”.     To be entered to win, leave a comment below. Giveaway ends Sunday, January 4th at noon. Winner will be notified via email.

If you are looking for some accountability as we head into the new year, make sure you sign up to join Katie for her 4-week online Bible study. For details go to

Connect with Katie:

Site :: Studies :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

What we chat about:

  • Katie’s smart solution for blending her kids’ schooling options
  • How we can wrongly make Bible study more about gathering knowledge than knowing God
  • How Katie made her faith her own
  • The difference between a self-centered Christian vs. a God-centered Christian.
  • Why Katie thought surrender equaled a hut in Africa and an ugly husband.
  • What is inductive Bible Study.
  • When you’re tired of being a Bible Study junkie and Study Writer super fan.
  • The struggle for young mommies to even find 15 minutes to hear from God through His Word.
  • How the acronym “FOCUS” is used to study the Bible.
  • Katie’s three new studies releasing early 2016–Everyday Faith, Everyday Hope, Everyday Love.

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1.Listen on the blog. Click through to and click the play button at the beginning of this post.

2. Listen on your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch – There are a lot of great podcasting apps. Apple has a free one (that I mentioned) in the app store, there is also one called Downcast. It allows you to search for shows, subscribe to them and even speed up the audio. If you don’t have an iDevice, you can listen via Stitcher.

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  1. Ashley

    I can’t wait to listen! This study sounds perfect for me.

  2. Tara M.

    This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to download this episode! My 1 year old just dropped her morning nap, which was my normal quiet time, and it’s been a struggle.

  3. Jen

    I have 6 kids and life is FULL (but not always full with the right things). I have been LONGING for help in the area of intimacy with the Lord. I know He can do a lot with a little and I am excited to hear what Katie has to say! THANK YOU for sharing this!

  4. karla

    I can really relate to the gathering knowledge vs. Knowing god!

  5. Melissa Pearce

    Yes! These sound so helpful! I’m excited about these studies.

  6. Lori

    I am a working mom of an 8 month old and I totally resonate with this episode! It is crazy busy finding time to sit down and study the word. I have to be intentional and this sounds like a great way to dig into the word. I’m excited about the resources Katie has created to help busy moms like me!!

  7. Annette

    loved this podcast! The part about faith in the small things (and not just in the big “Indiana Jones stepping off a cliff” things) really aligned with this morning’s quiet time for me. Im looking forward to the Everyday Hope study.

  8. Katie Orr

    Thanks so much for having me, Heather. So thankful for you, your ministry, and your friendship!

  9. Alicia

    I’m the woman who woke up one morning in November 2014 and said… this Jesus guy I’ve heard about all of my life… who saved me and paid the price for my sins…. I want to know Him. Like really KNOW him. I want to have my morning coffee with him every morning and share his love and friendship with my little people and with the “big people” I’m around every single day. But, how do I get to know him? I searched online, found this podcast, and found soooo many different, wonderful resources to help me grow my relationship with God. I’ve been blessed by Heather and now I’m looking forward to the Focused15. Thank you for another wonderful podcast. I love starting my week out listening! Have a blessed day.

  10. Amanda Harkness

    Love listening to your podcasts while I run. Thank you!

  11. Pamela Turner

    Great podcast!

  12. Lisa Olson

    This was such a great episode!! Thanks for sharing Katie with us and her insight. I am totally in that space of doing great when I’m in a study or teaching but when I’m not- I’m lost. Where do I even start? The bible seems overwhelming at times. The way Katie spoke about her time in the word was so encouraging. Hope to learn from these resources!!

  13. Corrie Perry

    Loved, loved, loved this episode! Hope is my word for 2016 and I want to do the hope study!

  14. Jessica Fick

    This podcast couldn’t have come at a better time! Just as I was feeling in a bible study rut, I not only had a few ah ha moments but have some new resources to check out!

    • Katie Orr

      LOVE to hear that you had some ah-ha moments! God is so good to bring us what we need to hear, just when we need to hear it.

  15. Kristi Gregory

    I would love to have this study!!! Thanks in advance, Katie, for offering it to listeners.

  16. Jess

    I so need help with doing a bible study! I’d love this!

  17. Liz

    Great episode! I saved it so I could listen again in more detail!

  18. Sara Bromley

    I really enjoyed this episode! This is my most important new year goal, to draw near even more and dig into the word even more

  19. Beverly Steele

    This podcast episode was just what I needed to hear… Thank you so much!… I am excited to try Katie’s FOCUS method for myself, and I would love to win a copy of her study… God bless your efforts here at!

  20. Seana

    I love your podcast! This was great to hear and it certainly has inspired my New Year’s Resolution to spend 15 minutes/day in the Word.

  21. Liz

    What you guys said about losing your rhythm of time with the Lord during the holidays and vacation… Yes!

    I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next; now I have a great idea.

  22. Sara

    Such a great podcast. I really liked the Focus method that was discussed and hope to include it in my bible study. My intential one thing for January is to spend time daily in the word.

  23. Natalie B

    Loved this session! Very encouraging to hear how to make study “yours” without the pressure of somehow finding elusive hours to do it! 🙂 Depth and simplicity….I need both! Thanks, this was helpful….looking forward to checking out these resources.

  24. Jillian

    Hi Heather! Great listen! I was just talking to my friends about this problem since we too are on break from BSF. What a great option!

  25. Emily

    Thanks for this podcast! Im hungry to dive into the word more but as a new mom Im having a hard time carving out the time. I often find myself listening to the bible so I can multi task but I have felt the need to sit before God and not be doing other things for a moment each day. Thanks for your encouragement and I look forward to checking out the Bible Studies.

    • Katie Orr

      Emily, I love that you are listening to the Word and getting it however you can! I’m praying you can find a few quiet moments each day to connect with Him. I know it can seem impossible! God is pleased with you! Not because of what you do or don’t do, but because of all Jesus has done and is on your behalf. 🙂

  26. Paulaschou

    Loved the FOCUS method! This will be a wonderful new resource.

  27. Ashley Jones

    Awesome podcast! Looking forward to these new Bible Studies!!!

  28. Mary Smallbone

    Thanks for this podcast. Such an encouragement. Sounds like an incredible resource.

  29. Allison T

    Loved this episode! Cant wait to get my hands on these new bible studies!

  30. Laurie W

    Loved the podcast!

  31. gsn1980

    Loved the podcast. I can’t wait to start the bible study!

  32. Lisa

    Loved this episode! Thank you for telling us about these bible studies…perfect for busy moms!

  33. Rebeka

    I so loved this episode. I really connected with Katie’s story because I also grew up in a Christian school and I sometimes still find myself treating bible study like a class I’m trying to get an A+ in. I love her description of inductive study! and I was super excited to try the concordance app you suggested, I never even considered the possibility that there was a concordance app!

    I also fully love you for saying”Awesome Sauce”! I have been publicly shamed for my over use of that phrase haha.

  34. Trisha

    What a blessing this giveaway is. I’d love to receive a copy of this book!

  35. Lindsey Hood

    I would love to get into the Inductive Bible Study method. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  36. Amanda Wojcik

    Excited for this study! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. sarahgilcrease

    Wonderful episode!

  38. Danielle Hicks

    I just finished the episode. I was truly encouraged, and also happy to hear that Katie is a fellow KY girl. I would be delighted to win her study.

  39. Darla Woods

    I’m excited to start this study. It’s perfect timing as my small group comes to a close and right before it starts again. I’m itching to be in the word and need to know how to do that as a pregnant homeschooling mama of a 6year old and crazy 1yr old toddler 🙂

  40. KellyRBaker

    Listened on the headphones while trying to put my baby to sleep for the night. So many times trying not to laugh out loud! So many times. I’ve learned so much from Katie. Thanks for having her on, Heather! 🙂

  41. Sue

    I recently discovered this podcast and it is very inspiring! Thank you!

  42. Katie

    These studies sound like a great resource! As a pastor’s wife, I am looking forward to the future “that’s me” episode! Thanks for putting out such encouraging podcasts. 🙂

    • Katie Orr

      Katie, Kathy Litton will be on that episode and you will not be disappointed. She is fabulous, wise, and loves Jesus. She has walked so many paths we’ve had to walk and more. I know you will be encouraged by her episode!

  43. Leah A

    This just might be what I’ve been looking for! Thank you Heather & Katie! Happy New Year to all:)

  44. Lindsay

    I’m a newbie here! I can’t wait to jump in!

  45. Kelli LaFramboise

    Two of my favorite online people in this podcast. Wonderful listen! Thanks for doing what you do!

  46. Jackie

    Thank you, Heather, for another great podcast!

  47. K

    This study sounds excellent!

  48. Nichole

    I am blown away by the focus 15 study! My husband has commented that I often lean on others interpretations of the bible instead of digging in for myself and allowing the Holy Spirit to help me interpret it. But everytime I tried to study the bible on my own I didn’t even know where to start and my reading was a very shallow attempt. I think this study will give me the tools I need! I’m going to get it regardless if I win or not. So excited! Thank you heather for your podcast! I am so blessed by it every week!

    • Katie Orr

      Oh, Nichole, I hope very much that you find the method helpful! There is certainly a place for commentaries, and we are SO blessed to have them. I use them often. But I do pray that these studies will lead you to make discoveries on your own. Join us at the which is a great place to ask questions as you have them along the way!

  49. Laura H

    So great to hear her heart and passion for getting women into the Word. Thanks for the interview, ladies!

  50. TheRasmussenClan

    Such a good episode! Thanks Heather! And thanks Katie! A precious reminder to draw near to the Word of God. We wander from it so easily, but man, I’m hungry for it once again. Thank you Lord for your great and Holy book. May we savor the feast!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Katie Orr


  51. Jackie

    I am in Africa not in a hut but ironing clothes as I listen….haha Thank you for your podcast.

    • Katie Orr

      Haha, Jackie! Shows what I valued as a teenager: cute guys and air conditioning. Thanks for listening!

  52. April

    What an inspiring way to begin the new year! Anxious to check out this Bible study idea!

  53. Katie Orr

    Kelli, thank you for your faithful ministry of pointing women to the Word!

  54. Katie Orr

    Thanks for listening, Kelly 🙂

  55. Katie Orr

    Yay for KY girls! We’ve only been here 3 years, but love so many things about our Kentucky life.

  56. Katie Orr

    Thanks for listening, Rebeka! I’m glad my story connects with you. Praying we both can come the Bible as a way to connect with and enjoy God instead of an achievement. I still struggle with making it into a checklist!

  57. Kela

    I’m so excited about this study, Katie!! What a blessing you are and I love the message of hope!!

  58. Kim Huitt

    I hear your passion Katie and I’m so excited about your study!!!

  59. Katie

    I am very excited to try this study! I am a full time teacher and mother of three small kids. My life has been upside down and I am grasping for hope. My husband is a non believer which makes things challenging. and I listen to anything I can get my hands on while doing dishes, it feels like the only alone time I have. I can’t thank you enough Heather and Katie for your inspirational messages!!!! Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  60. Sharon

    Thank you Heather and Katie! I am also a newbie to your podcast and am inspired to know God deeper through digging into His Word.

  61. Jackie

    Thank you Heather and Katie. Wonderful learning on what sounds like a great way to study the Word and more than that, grow closer to God’s heart. Excited to try out the inductive study/reading method.


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