Anyone relate to the feeling of falling out of a spiritual rhythm while on vacation or between Bible Studies or over the holidays?

Raising my hand! 

Sometimes it’s due to a lack of time and/or space. Other times it can be due to a personal lack of discipline (which I’m sure none of us will struggle with as we conquer New Years’ goals. right?). Or maybe its not knowing how to study the Bible for yourself.

Thankfully, my guest today, Katie Orr, is here to help. She created a simple way to inductively study God’s Word in just 15 minutes a day. (Hallelujah!).

As a former Campus Crusade (Cru) team member, Katie learned that God’s Word is more than a book to be studied. But as a means to know and love the living God.

In this episode, Katie shares her personal journey of discovering inductive Bible study, defining what that means and outlining her “FOCUSed 15” study method.

I can personally attest to Katie’s passion for women to read and study the Bible for themselves. She has poured hours into created these studies not for her own glory but that God’s Word would come alive in homes across the nation. Thank you, Katie!! 

Lastly, Katie and New Hope Publishers wanted to give TWO listeners copies of her new study, “Everyday Hope”.     To be entered to win, leave a comment below. Giveaway ends Sunday, January 4th at noon. Winner will be notified via email.

If you are looking for some accountability as we head into the new year, make sure you sign up to join Katie for her 4-week online Bible study. For details go to

Connect with Katie:

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What we chat about:

  • Katie’s smart solution for blending her kids’ schooling options
  • How we can wrongly make Bible study more about gathering knowledge than knowing God
  • How Katie made her faith her own
  • The difference between a self-centered Christian vs. a God-centered Christian.
  • Why Katie thought surrender equaled a hut in Africa and an ugly husband.
  • What is inductive Bible Study.
  • When you’re tired of being a Bible Study junkie and Study Writer super fan.
  • The struggle for young mommies to even find 15 minutes to hear from God through His Word.
  • How the acronym “FOCUS” is used to study the Bible.
  • Katie’s three new studies releasing early 2016–Everyday Faith, Everyday Hope, Everyday Love.

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