Bonus Episode, y’all!!!

After two concerts and two movie screenings in just two weeks, I wanted to sprinkle some Friday fun your way.

So in this episode I’ve invited my friend Kay Wyma back on the show. Since she attended both movies with me, thought it be good to record our thoughts for y’all.

First up, we chat about the film, “Risen” with Joseph Fiennes (and Tom Felton who plays “Malfoy” in the Harry Potter films). This movie came out last weekend. According to Fandango, fans have given it 4 1/2 stars.

Kay and I agree with the fans and gave this action/drama/historical detective story, two thumbs up.

We do warn you that the film has some intense violent scenes. Making the PG-13 rating appropriate.

As someone who has grown up in the church, I appreciated seeing the gospel from a unique angle, the perspective of a Roman skeptic.

The scenes in the second half of the movie with the risen Christ are etched in my memory.  Like the tenderness with which Jesus approaches a leper. Holding him close and kissing his deformed face. That’s the Jesus I love. Unconditionally coming towards us no matter how shameful our outward appearance. Well done.

Next, Kay and I discuss Jennifer Garner’s newest film, “Miracles from Heaven” , which releases Wednesday, March 16th. (click on image below to go watch the trailer).

Now, you must understand, I’m not a super fan of many movie stars. But for the past 10+ years, (if we hung out much) you would have heard me call Jen Garner “my best friend”. After binge watching the T.V. show, “Alias”, I could tell her character Sydney and I would be kindred spirits (you know, the hardcore, yet sweet kind of kindred).

Having seen, met and chatted with her, I’m even more convinced she’s a wonderful person. Humble, strong, and kind.

In this film, Jennifer plays the role of real life mom, Christy Beam (another amazing woman!).  Christy had the challenging mom role of advocating for her daughter and fighting for her life for 4 years. Jen perfectly portrays all the emotions suffering brings: anger, stress, sadness, fear, and doubt.

Fortunately the movie doesn’t end in sadness. There is true hope. (Spoiler Alert!) For Christy’s daughter, Annabel, a miracle heals her. But more than that, this sweet family eyes are open to how God was working miracles the whole time. And they encourage the viewer to do the same. God is with us. He is faithful. He can be nothing else. 


In this episode, after Kay and I discuss these two films, I’ve included several audio clips from the media junket.

By a pure miracle itself, the PR team invited me, a lil ole mom podcaster, along with radio personalities from around the country to interview Jen and Christy. Pure joy. I think you’ll be amazed and thankful to hear how this film impacted Jennifer’s personal life.

Thanks for celebrating faith in films with me!

(Special thank you to Jamie Ivey for working her angle to get me a spot at the event. Definitely check out her Happy Hour podcast!)

What’s in this bonus episode:

  • Kay Wyma and I discuss the films “Risen” and “Miracles from Heaven”
  • Listen to Christy Beam answer one question from me
  • Interview with both Jennifer Garner and Christy Beam
  • Jennifer answers a question from the audience about faith

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The most fun part!!

In honor of the FABULOUS Hillsong concert I experienced last weekend, I’m sharing the love. And giving away a copy of Hillsong Young and Free’s album “Youth Revival” which releases TODAY!! (sorry for all the caps. . .but it is Friday and I’m excited!).

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