What matters most in your life?

If you asked me, I’d say my husband, kids, God, friends. . .

But here’s the tricky part. Does my calendar reflect those priorities?

Does the way I spend my time match up with who/what I claim as important? (Umm. . .Do I have to answer that one?)

Good news.

Today’s guest, Charity Reeb, is sharing her own journey. From working 80-hour weeks planning huge international ministry events to integrating spirituality into her errands. She calls it her “Good Bad Real Life”.

With a demanding job and three young toddlers, at one point she asked herself:

“In all my ‘doing good’ am I missing the greater good God has for me personally?”

Charity decided to reflect on the times in her life when she felt closest to God. Instead of just working for Him, she desired to deeply know Him.

She found a few characteristics which she shares in the podcast. And which she gathered together in a new resource called, “The Real Life Journal”.

((AND she’s offering listeners a “Buy One, Give One” deal. At the end of this episode listen for the special code. You have the chance to be a part of an exclusive test pilot group!))

Today’s conversation (and what Charity is doing) breaks down the walls between faith and life. Helping us each walk in faith through every moment of our days. Seeing the holy in the mundane.

And focusing on what matters.

Connect with Charity:

What we chat about:

  • Little girl Charity preaching to cows, now she’s preaching to pursue what matters.
  • Specific characteristics of times Charity felt close to God.
  • Making spirituality a priority.
  • Reading God’s Word to apply it to her life.
  • Choosing to converse with God, expecting a response.
  • How Charity can feel like a crazy person when she prays out loud.
  • The method of writing down prayers starting with what you will “commit” to God instead of worrying.
  • Making time to find truth to mediate on while you wait for God to work in a specific area.
  • How Thomas the Train is often playing in the background during her quiet time.
  • Building margin into your days to make sure you hear from God in the moment.
  • Journaling one event from your actual life–as a legacy for generations to come.

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