By “your hoop” meaning your emotions, your choices, your attitude, etc. Because the only person you can control is you.

Recently, our small group started attending a recovery program. One week I learned about the damaging affects of “co-dependency”. Relationships can be destroyed through a lack of concern with your own emotions/actions and an over-care and concern with others’ emotions/actions. Their happiness = your happiness.

A few years ago, my pastor’s wife, Vela Tomba, introduced me to the example of “hula-hoop-o-logy”. She even wrote a series about it on the blog (read the series here). Then I brought her on the podcast to share more.

Stay In Your Hoop

Vela has been married to Neil for more than 30 years, is the mom to three grown girls and grandmother to one adorable granddaughter. She served with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) before staying home full-time.

Honestly? Her thoughts on this topic have helped all (absolutely all) my relationships.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to stay in your “hula hoop”
  • Why we need to stay out of others’ hoops
  • How to transition our children from our hoop (birth) to their own (jr. high-college)
  • Physical hoop issues vs emotional hoop issues
  • Whether or not it is a mom’s job to make her kids happy
  • Interacting with husband in light of “hula hoop-o-logy”–reflective listening
  • Handling a variety of relationships with this mindset–>adult children & their spouses; grandchildren; extended family
  • Difference between hula-hoops and “Boundaries”
  • A Christian’s responsibility to non-believers in relation to hoops

Show Notes:

Do you struggle with staying out of others’ hoops? Which relationship challenges you the most?

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