If you are human, then you are creative.

There. I said it.

What? Oh, you “used” to be creative, but now you are a mom. Or maybe you’ve never been a creative person (but you effortlessly bring order to your home…ahem, creatively).

My guest, Kelli Stuart, co-author of the new book “Life Creative”, is here to remind us all of how creativity runs throughout our lives. all our lives! And what that looks like during the “Dark Ages” of mothering young kids. How the expression of creativity follows the same progression Jesus directed the disciples in spreading the gospel.


In this episode, we talk about Paul’s house arrest. How he was confined but unhindered. The parallels between his position and ours as mothers. We also chat about when it seems other moms can live a super creative life and be amazing moms. While we struggle to keep up with laundry and feeding people three times a day. To which Kelli wisely reminds us:

Stop trying to keep up with someone who you aren’t supposed to keep up with.

I loved Kelli (& Wendy’s) idea of gathering up “life guards”. People who help us swim into deep waters of creativity but also reel us back in when we get too far.

This topic turns up the passion in my heart. I’m so thankful for this resource, “Life Creative”, to give a mom who feels like half of herself when she denies the creativity in her life.


OH! In this episode, Kelli shares the story of how she and coauthor Wendy Speake met. How they shared a creative passion in writing. And how God continued to weave their story together in crafting this book.


AND I loved the story Kelli shared about including her son in the 10 year journey of publishing her first novel. This pic of them after opening the box of books. . .crying eyes emoticon. 


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What we chat about:

  • What does creativity look like in motherhood?
  • How Wendy and Kelli met and how motherhood pushed aside creative conversations.
  • The “Dark Ages” season of motherhood.
  • When FB & IG make us feel “less than” other moms who seem to “do it all”.
  • Comparison of the motherhood confinement to Paul’s house arrest.
  • The order to the “great commission” and how it applies to expressing our creativity.
  • How expressing our own creativity inspires our children to do the same.
  • How to set boundaries around creativity.
  • Communicating with your husband about what you need.
  • Finding life guards to push you to take risks but also help you reign it in.
  • The tension of making a profit from your creative work.

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