Welp. It finally happened. All my sadness poured out in an interview. The pain from the past few months bubbled over in this sweet conversation with Ellie Holcomb. And we shared testimony of all the joy and peace God supplies in the hardest of circumstances.

We laugh-cried. A lot.

You see, listening to Ellie’s album, “Red Sea Road” felt like reading her diary. She “went first” opening up about all the hard things, but claiming God’s faithfulness and nearness through it all. So I felt comfortable being vulnerable myself. . . yet forgetting y’all would be listening.

But maybe after hearing our conversation, you’ll gain confidence to share your own grounded joy with a friend. And you can laugh-cry together, giving God glory even in your Red Sea moments.

AND you’ll hear how Ellie’s family handles the whole work/life balance thing. Applying some awesome advice she’s gain from some wise women.

“We get to obey and follow Jesus together as a family. I want to be where God wants me to be.”

What we chat about:

  • Why Ellie started memorizing Scripture and writing songs
  • What sitting in God’s Word looks like for Ellie (mom to 2 little ones).
  • How the “Red Sea Road” album was written while Ellie was walking through the desert.
  • Watching her parents run into the darkness with arms raised in praise.
  • The story of the day she recorded “Find You Here”.
  • The amazing advice Ellie got about juggling home/work life.
  • Rhythms of sabbath and yearly “state of the union” getaways.
  • Ellie shares what dreams she had to lay down.

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