All-American soccer star Mo Isom shares her powerful testimony of meeting God in times of peace and adversity.

Outwardly, her life seemed like a success, but she was battling an eating disorder, the suicide of her father, and a horrific car accident. It wasn’t until God wrecked her life that she fully realized the power of the Gospel.

What we chat about:

  • Mo’s history with eating disorders and sports in high school
  • Her faith journey toward healing and learning to walk out her personal faith
  • How a transactional view of God (we praise him, he blesses us) is a twisted view of faith
  • A tragedy in Mo’s family that caused her to run from God
  • Mo’s major turning point and encounter with God in the midst of a car wreck
  • God’s sovereignty and consistency, especially in our pain and sin
  • When Mo and I were in Israel together
  • The realities of Jesus’ birth: the location and true complications that Mary faced

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  1. Christina

    Awesome episode. So much of Mo’s story resonated with me- particularly the part about the college “partying” being overlooked as normal when our motivation to do so was NOT fun but actually as an escape from the pains of life. Thanks for your boldness to share this testimony that many of us are not able to share, and can’t wait to read your new book!

  2. Blaire Stroud

    Thank you so much for having Mo on the show and thanks to her for sharing such a difficult testimony. I have listened to this podcast twice and will probably listen again. I could relate so much struggling with an eating disorder in the music industry and losing my dad. I cried and cried hearing her share her pain. This is such a silent topic and like she said the world praises this deadly sin with the pressures of perfection. My heart goes out to all who struggle with this deadly disease. I pray many can be saved through Jesus!

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