How do you stop the cycle of generational pain and hurt?

Jeff Henderson, a pastor of Gwinnett Church in Atlanta, teamed up with a few other dads to create a coming-of-age program for their 12-year-old sons. What started as a personal project is now a reproducible model for other fathers to connect with their sons and restart a line of generational blessings. Jeff shares the far reaching impacts of this program for both fathers and sons.

What we chat about:

  • The story behind Champion Tribe, a rite-of-passage experience for 11 to 14-year-old boys
  • The importance of a father’s affirmation and blessing for sons
  • The stewardship responsibility of having had a great dad
  • Ideas for single moms on finding male mentors for sons
  • The long lasting impact of fathers taking the time to teach values and engage their sons  
  • Why a tribe or group dynamic is important in a mentoring capacity
  • How dads are impacted through the process of Champion Tribes
  • The practicals of the Champion Tribes program (time commitment, types of sessions and kit)

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