From the American dream of finishing college, getting married and buying their first home to the financial nightmare of being unable to sell the home or make enough money each month support their growing family, Erin Odom boldly shares her family’s story of hitting financial rock bottom.

We were told our whole lives you work really hard in school, go to college and get a degree and you’re set. You won’t ever struggle. Well, that didn’t prove true for us.

But through it all, God weaved a story of such abundant grace. Listen as Erin shares her heart for getting free from financial frustrations with practical ideas for earning money and managing it well. She also shares a lot of wisdom about avoiding the comparison trap, breaking free from discontentment and working through challenging moments in her marriage.

What we chat about:

  • Erin’s story of hitting financial rock bottom.
  • The humbling experience of needing to apply for aid.
  • The practicals of buying a house vs. renting and other big financial purchases.
  • Budgeting, saving and spending within your family’s means.
  • The implications of social media on finances and trying to keep up with families around us.
  • 57% of families have jobs that don’t pay enough to support them.
  • Recommendations for faith-based financial planning classes.
  • The power of discovering the root cause of financial frustration.
  • Ideas and recommendations for using your God-given talents to make extra money.
  • The stress of walking through the foreclosure process on Erin’s first home.
  • Declaring bankruptcy from the debt that had weighed on Erin’s family for years.
  • God’s abundant grace in the midst of humbling process of bankruptcy.
  • Gratitude stills discontentment.
  • Nothing can separate you from God’s love… not financial problems, not shame, nothing!
  • How to get Erin’s book if you are financially strained and can’t afford it.

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