Now that we’ve (kinda) sorted out how God’s made us with a body & soul, indwelt by His Spirt. And then addressed why being well-lopsided is such a struggle. We then explored how God’s given us the power and ability to be healed so we can more clearly hear His voice. So what’s next?

Welp. I know my body exists in a world with other bodies. And there are many times conflict with others arises. Relationships that bring joy can also bring heartache and strife.

So how do we interact with others, while being well-lopsided toward the Spirit? God never intended for us to isolate ourselves and avoid conflict. Jesus’ last command was to GO and to make disciples which requires relationship.

A key part of “making disciples” is to recognize our part and God’s part. To be well-lopsided towards the Spirit and let God produce the fruit while we focus on staying connected to Him.

In this episode we’ll gain insight about ministry through a story in 2 Kings 5. We’ll explore Galatians 5 and work vs. fruit. And be challenged to make room this year to stay connected with God, allowing Him to do His part in the relationships around us.

What I chat about:

  • Namaan and a servant girl help us with our desire to offer healing to others (2 Kings 5).
  • Namaan’s interaction with the King of Israel reminds us to seek safe people.
  • Namaan’s resistance to Elisha’s plan for healing reminds us to trust God’s plan.
  • The servant girl models being well-lopsided no matter what circumstances you find yourself.
  • The best ministry happens 1-to-1.
  • Work of the flesh contrasted with fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5).
  • Challenge to make space in 2018 to dwell with God and stay connected to Him.

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