Back in October I recorded a video chat with my good friend, Kay Wyma, on the topic of overwhelm. I’ve decided to share some of it with y’all in the midst of the holiday crazy. Get ready for some fabulous truth bombs like:

In the world’s economy your identity is achieved. In God’s economy your identity is received.

As the author of the new book, “Not the Boss of Us”, Kay reminds us that we get to choose what we allow to overwhelm us.

Be loved by Whose you are not ‘who’ you are. In Isaiah 43 the Lord God says, ‘I know you, You are mine. I know your name. . .’ He is Lord over all. He sees all. Can I receive that? Have my tank filled with that?

In this clip of our video chat, Kay answers one listener’s question about overwhelm:

Do you have any encouragement for managing the to do lists and yet still engaging with our children in spending meaningful time with them?

This conversation was recorded as a part of our Not Alone Community for our October focus on “overwhelm”.

What is the ‘Not Alone Community?’

The Not Alone Community is where you can connect with other moms. Find focused transformation on a different topic each month with curated podcast episodes, articles and resources. And join Heather and a mentor on live video chats. And also get access to the library of past mentor conversations.

This month Heather has created a Spiritual Growth Guide to help you establish a morning habit, know what to study, how to study and how to pray. She will be inviting Kat Lee (her morning mentor!) on December 13th at 10am to answer your questions.

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Other questions answered in the full chat with Kay available in Not Alone Community Video Archive:  How do you determine which practices to engage in and those to let go? How do you discern where to put your energy? My pastor told us parents that it’s our #1 job to help bring our children to faith. To help them learn to love our God, to walk with Him. After church my son tells me how he doesn’t believe, he hates church, it’s a waste of time, and all the other defying hurtful things he could think of. I straight up ugly cried in my room when we got home. I know I need to love on my son harder when he acts out but during this time I felt like a complete failure. Completely overwhelmed by the fact that the devil has his grips on my sweet boy and I don’t know what do to or where to turn.