In this clip (from a previously recorded video) we go beyond the fact that you are ‘not alone in shame’. Sheila offers hope and Truth to remind you that Christ took the shame so you can walk in freedom.

‘Mercy’ is a short word that weighs so much. . . Jesus came to give us life, not survival.

As the author of the new book, “It’s Okay Not to be Okay”, Sheila shares her journey to release the grip of shame. To embrace what Christ had done for her on the cross. And shares how she keeps Truth-daggers ready change her internal dialogue. She also reminds us that God can be trusted with our honest thoughts.

Step one is dare to have an unedited gut level conversation with God. We feel like we need certain words or attitudes with God. But we can let it all out. To the level we are able to be honest with God is the level with which we can trust him.

In this clip of our video chat, Sheila answers a listener’s question:

Has shame always surfaced as depression?  Or are there other ways it has appeared?

This conversation was recorded as a part of our Not Alone Community for our November focus on “shame”.

What is the ‘Not Alone Community?’

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This month Heather has created a Spiritual Growth Guide to help you establish a morning habit, know what to study, how to study and how to pray. She will be inviting Kat Lee (her morning mentor!) on December 13th at 10am to answer your questions.

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