Think of 9 women you know. Statistics says that 1 of those women was sexually abused as a child. This week, Angel Ricchuiti bravely tells us her story of sexual abuse within the church. She gives us hope that God heals, restores and is near to us through the body of Christ and skilled professionals. You will hear practical ways to listen well and come alongside a friend who suffered trauma as you are graciously invited into her story. And, you will be encouraged to think about the process of uprooting fears and walking in freedom caused by hurts. Be informed and empowered toward empathy and compassion whether trauma or abuse is a part of your story or not. 

 Angel is a wife, mother of four, as well as a trained counselor. 

WARNING: This episode contains references to child sexual abuse within the church. We know Angel’s story may be especially hard for some, as it may stir up very real feelings. Please be encouraged, Angel’s story is full of hope and healing, too. While this episode might not be good for little ears, it is a story that will equip you and help you walk in more freedom.

Connect with Angel Ricchuiti: 

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Resources for Sexual Abuse Recovery and Prevention-

Books for Kids:

•    Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect – Jayneen Sanders 

•    God Made All of Me – Justin S. Holcomb

•    Good Picture Bad Pictures – Kristen Jenson

Books for Survivors:

•    Suffering and the Heart of God – Dr. Diane Langberg

•    The Wounded Heart – Dr. Dan Allender

•    The Trauma Heart – Judy Crane

•    The Body Keep the Score – Bessel van der Kolk

•    Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers

•    The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom

•    Believing God – Beth Moore

People to Follow:

•    Diane Langberg

•    Boz Tchividjian

•    GRACE – Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments – Nonprofit

•    Jimmy HInton

•    Rachael and Jacob Denhollander

•    Kay Warren

Books Recs & Questions to Ask Your Local Church Leadership:

  • On Guard – Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church, by Deepak Reju
  • We Too – Mary E. Demuth
  • Who knows about/ keeps track of convicted sex offenders in our congregation? 
  • Who monitors their coming and going on our campus? 
  • Who on staff is responsible to check in with their probation officers and confirm the reason for their status on the sex offenders list and recommendations they have for securing safety?
  • What is the safety plan for these individuals? What is included & who supervises this plan?
  • How often does the supervisor meet with this perpetrator or other known perpetrators AND fact check the information they provide? 
  • Is he or other known perpetrators chaperoned while on campus?
  • Do we have an official document which discloses how we as a church body agree to handle this particular issue?