Maybe like me you want to create memories with your kids away from screens this summer. Well, I have a few options to share with you that were sent to me for review.

Disclosure: We received the following products for free in order to share our opinion and review.

The All-Pro Passer

All my boys (ages 10 to 16) were excited to see this one in action. They all love football but are at different skill levels when it comes to throwing and catching. This product seemed like a good middle ground. First step is to make sure you have four C sized batteries. We didn’t so the anticipation grew as they waited for me to buy some at the grocery store. Next up was learning how to use the machine.

First step is to place the football on the shooting tube. Then hit the lock button. Select which throw pattern you want. Lastly start pumping up the air to determine how far the ball will be thrown (more pumps, farther distance).


  • You can play catch by yourself. While I do have four boys they don’t always want to play football at the same time.
  • You can change up where the ball is thrown to challenge yourself.
  • Once you learn how to set it up it’s easy to use.


  • If you don’t follow the order I mentioned above it won’t work. The ball must be locked in order for the air to build up behind the ball and shoot it.
  • My older boys complained about how small the football was compared to a traditional ball.
  • Make sure your yard is long enough, when you pump it up to the max it will go far.

Wubble Groovy in the Glo

Moms get your lungs ready to fill up this one. All my boys were excited to see this gigantic ball in action. The best part was not worrying about them playing with it inside. Lots of energy released while they bounced and tossed this wubble around for hours. I will say they were pretty rough with it and only lasted a week, even using the patch kit.


  • Lots of fun and laughter
  • Great indoor option


  • A bit tricky to blow up
  • Lasted only one week

Smithsonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit

If you grew up in the 80s then you remember Sea Monkeys. This is our kids’ version. It’s slow fun. Basically fill the very thin container with water, pour the eggs on the surface and wait 10+ days for the triops to start swimming around.


  • Unforgettable experience when they hatch. I remember doing this as a kid and I think my kids will remember too.
  • Super simple and low maintenance.


  • The container could fall over very easily. We set ours up on the kitchen counter leaning against the backsplash.
  • Looks like floating coffee grinds for almost 2 weeks.
  • If yours hatch you will need to feed them like your other pets.

Smithsonian Telescope/ Monocular Kit

This was probably one that was played with the least. The boys haven’t even tried to use it at night. I will say that it is a small option if you have a little one interested in looking at the moon. But it’s not a high quality telescope if you have a middle schooler or teen.


  • A good reasonable option if your preschooler or young child is interested in astronomy.
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • In the summer it gets dark later so probably not good for young kids with early bedtimes.
  • My boys weren’t as interested in trying this product so I can’t speak to how well you can see through it.