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This movie is a true story of hope and perseverance.

But there was one unexpected aspect of the the film that encouraged me. I appreciated them showing that poor parenting and spiritual abuse did not keep Rickey from fulfilling his purpose.

In an attempt to be a faithful man, Rickey’s father, a pastor, places his ministry and his own desires for his son above God’s. I struggled to watch how his father abused Scripture and faith in trying to control his congregation and his family.

“When we feel we don’t have enough power on our own to make something happen, we try to ‘pull strings’ with higher authorities. I’ve wondered if Christ becomes angry when Christians use His name to get others to do what they want.”–Jeff VanVonderen in “Tired of Trying to Measure Up”.

I thought, “If his father continues like this I won’t be able to recommend this film”. And then around the 1 hr 45 min mark [SPOILER] Rickey’s father repents publicly. He confesses his faults saying, “I thought I knew God’s plan for my son. But that wasn’t God’s plan that was my plan.”

As parents we are trying our best to shape and mold the lives of our children. But sometimes out of fear and a need to control we misuse the authority of God as we parent our children. I have been guilty of this. And it was encouraging to see Rickey’s testimony that even though his father made mistakes, Rickey kept his faith and followed his God-given assignment on the baseball field.

If you are wondering if this is a film to watch as a family, I would recommend for families with children 10+.

Discussion Guide:

  • What is a gift/talent you have?
  • How can mom/dad support you in developing that gift?
  • Is there anything I’ve said or done that makes you feel like I’m forcing my plans instead of helping you pursue God’s?
  • What’s something hard you have endured and had to hope would get better?

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