Today’s sidetracked starts off with Cynthia airing her grievances. We talk about eyebrows and all of the products we use to get them to grow. Then move on to an update about our Patreons which we find out are the Wal-Mart and Target of that platform. I guess once you start posting content people remember they are paying for it. We also talk about our local celebrity from American Idol, Jack Blocker, and break down the difference between the new American Idol and the era of Simon Cowell. Turns out we are both the Simon Cowell of our families sharing brutally honest truth daily. 

We wrap up with Father’s Day, and I get emotional sharing how my dad was the picture of a Godly leader and made it easy to trust the Lord. Cynthia shares the challenges and struggles of this season of life with teens and parents who need a little more help, there is always something to do. Both Bruce and Mike have shown up for our families in incredible ways and we honor them by talking about their strengths. Come laugh, cry, and rant with us as we get sidetracked. 

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