A few years ago on an Instagram survey I learned that 68% of y’all have experienced broken friendships. I knew we needed an episode to help.

Licensed professional counselor Shundria Riddick is here to walk us through some healthy ways to work toward reconciliation and how to know when to walk away from a hurtful friendship. We talk about setting healthy boundaries, having clarifying conversations, and how to analyze the health of relationships. We also cover the new trend of Millennials cutting off their parents and how to heal those wounds and come to new understandings. 

With the busyness of parenting, work, and family- friendships often take the back burner. Shundria is here to help us make them a priority and learn how to move forward into healthy relationships even if we have been hurt in the past. 

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Summer of Mentorship Discussion Questions:

  • What stood out to you in this week’s podcast? 
  • Have you had a broken friendship or relationship? 
  • What has been your experience of walking away from a friendship in the past?
  • What boundaries do you set on friendships and how do you communicate them?
  • Sit still and ask God to help you filter through a relationship that you have trouble with. Are you navigating it the way he wants you to? 

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