Each one of us knows someone who is in desperate need of the grace and freedom found in a real, growing relationship with Jesus.

Someone who needs her fears recognized, her questions answered, and her disbelief turned on it’s head in light of the Truth.

Is God bringing someone to mind right now? What about your neighbor from across the street, or that other tired mama in your yoga class? Could it be your tender-hearted daughter, or your crazy-fun-but-oh-so-broken mother? Maybe it’s the under-tipped barista you see every morning on your way to work, or the hairdresser who is in the middle of some dark circumstances.”

These words were written by today’s podcast guest, Jenny Sulpizio. Having claimed Christ as her Savior as an adult, she knows both sides–life with God & life without.

The trouble is what happens once a woman has decided to walk by faith? Who will guide her on the next steps in the journey? What is a ‘prayer life’? And is God’s Word real? How is one “sanctified” and made “righteous” (and who will navigate her through a billion other confusing Christian words?).

Jenny has written a discipleship guide, of sorts, called, “For the Love of God: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Faith and Getting Grace”.

A book that helps women learn the nuts & bolts of faith. Jenny admits her own seasons of doubt, shares others’ faith stories and encourages women to continue to pursue God.

Her desire is to start a #GodsGirl movement. To lead those in our lives to the hope of the gospel. She wants to know. . .

Are you willing to stand in the gap and minister to those who have yet to truly discover God, or experience His grace? His forgiveness? His love? Together, we can impact this world for Him.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Preteen girls, active boys, and middle children’s behavior management.
  • The audience for Jenny’s new book, “For the Love of God”.
  • Jenny’s personal story of choosing to live a life for God. . .at age 30.
  • How a counselor directed she and her husband to go to church.
  • What happens after you’ve decided to follow Jesus. . .next steps.
  • The challenge of ministering to those we interact with regularly–hair dresser, garbage man, friend at the park, etc.
  • Jenny’s personal “next step”– attending classes & small group through church–realizing she was not alone in sin & doubt.
  • The contents of the book–nuts & bolts of faith (e.g.–prayer life explained).
  • The appendix of the book–proof of authenticity of God’s Word, Scripture based prayers, Christianese words explained. . .
  • The faith-commitment mentality–“in it” for the long haul.
  • How do we invite people along in this faith journey. . .without shame & with confidence.
  • Leaving a copy of the book on a doorstep (or in a bathroom).
  • How we don’t save people. . .God does.

Connect with Jenny:

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Show Notes:

Who could you give a copy of this book? Are you willing to be bold and be apart of the #GodsGirl movement?


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