Seasons change. Hard choices have to be made. God moves us in and out of opportunities. But how do we know when it’s time to give something up and when it’s time to press through?

Today’s guest is Christy Nockels, Dove award winning musician and mom to three children. In 2006 she made the God-led choice to step away from the music industry, for a time, to pour into her family.

In this episode we talk about transitions. She shares advice on staying connected with community when moving to new cities, leaning into God during tough decisions and connecting intimately with God even in the busyness of motherhood.

Jesus, this is such an opportunity for me to hide in you – to take you by the hand and for you to lead me, and for me to trust in you in a way that I haven’t in a really long time. -Christy, Episode 144


Christy trusted God’s leading and He moved her back into record production. Her latest creative work is the solo Christmas album, “The Thrill of Hope”. With a blend of classic Christmas carols and original pieces, she has crafted a beautiful addition to our Christmas music collections.

In this episode you’ll hear the inspiration behind the songs, “Amaryllis” and “Wrap This One Up”. . .both stories gave me goosebumps. I won’t think of the Bethlehem shepherds the same way again. And the winter blooming amaryllis reminds us the hope Jesus brought . . .

Our King has come, He’s with us now & He’s making all things new again. That’s the thrill of hope.


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What we chat about:

  • How to find connection and keep from “drifting” when starting somewhere new
  • What Christy learned when God called her to “take everything off of the table”
  • Surrendering our plans to God is the only way He can do GOD-SIZED things with them
  • How big, scary steps allow us to hide in Jesus instead of hiding in the familiar
  • Each season prepares us for the next (even if you would really love to skip ahead)
  • How motherhood takes you from peaceful quiet times to sock-and-underwear prayers
  • The secret of simple scripture and open dialogue with God
  • Christy’s new album “The Thrill of Hope”- her first Christmas album!
  • The message of the amaryllis for those with heavy hearts in the Christmas season
  • How “wrapped in swaddling clothes” may have meant much more to the shepherds
  • Christy’s song on the new album that makes her listeners “ugly cry”

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