Imagine you see smoke coming out of the hood of your minivan. Then just seven minutes later from a safe distance you and your kids watch that van become engulfed in flames. Tragic and terrifying.

But that smoke served as a warning. The van was not ‘fine’. And by heeding that warning, lives were saved.

What about when our emotions give us warning signs? Recurring anxiety or anger or shame. Do we ignore them and continue to wear the mask of ‘fine’? Or do we reach out to someone and accept help?

Today’s guest, Rachel Martin (founder of, personally understands both of the above scenarios. The van story is hers from a week ago. And the second part. . .

Well, while living the life of a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of seven children, Rachel hid behind a masked utopia. Not letting anyone see the truth of what was going on in her home. Then four years ago Rachel became a single mom, solely responsible to provide for her children. The mask was removed.

You are worth more than ‘I’m fine.’ ‘I’m fine’ is a lie. -Rachel Martin

For years Rachel has written encouraging words to moms, helping us find joy in the hardest places. She writes about real life and noticing treasured moments. If you’re looking for a “mom boost” definitely check out some the posts I’ve linked below. You won’t be disappointed.

AND (so fun) we get a chance to rally around Rachel and help her purchase a new car! Check out the GoFundMe account her friend set up (she did NOT ask me to promote this. . .I believe having scheduled her to be on the show before the van fire was a “God-incidence”). What a great way for the GCM podcast community to show this consistent mom-encourager a dose of God’s love and encouragement!

What we chat about:

  • Did writing about motherhood change now that her oldest children are adults.
  • How do you manage the tension of being fully present and keeping a home.
  • How Rachel stinks at playing with her kids.
  • The masked utopia Rachel created for years as a stay-at-home/homeschool mom.
  • The transition to being a working single mom of 7.
  • The fear that kept Rachel from taking the mask off.
  • Not letting emotions drive the bus.
  • The story of Rachel’s mini-van blowing up and how God protect her family.
  • How we ignore warning signs in our life and don’t accept help.
  • The FLASH MOB of love we can show to Rachel. . .helping her buy a new van!!

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