Appropriately advocating for our children is one of the most important roles we can play in parenting. Tracy Levinson walks us through her faith story and shares how she unashamedly advocated for her children while teaching them biblical values. 

What we chat about:

  • Tracy’s story of learning to trust and believe Jesus
  • Learning how to raise your children biblically as a new believer
  • Seek wisdom from a multitude of counselors, but make sure they produce fruit in that area
  • Intentionality of spiritual leadership in marriage and supporting your husband if he is not as involved and spiritually mature
  • Having a long view of for the things that you feel are lacking in your life
  • Getting to a healthy place for yourself before jumping into helping your kids in relationships
  • Teaching your kids about the fruit of the Holy Spirit and helping them to look for friends who have that fruit
  • Focusing on your children’s hearts and showing them the importance of guarding their hearts
  • The picture of parenting in a triangle: are we parenting from fear, from control or from the Holy Spirit?
  • Freedom to talk about sex and purity with our kids and in our marriage
  • Praying for your kids faith and releasing them to wrestle with their own walks with God

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My Instastory with encouragement from Lynne Jackson (Connected Families): Watch Here

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