As women, believers, mothers our hearts can be pulled toward independence. But is that what God desires for us in our ministry and relationships?

There’s so much pressure to be all the things and we weren’t meant to be all the things. God gives us grace to be what we need to be for our family and that takes a different shape in every family. It is counter-Christian to be self sufficient. We were made to be interdependent. 

In this week’s podcast episode, I chat with my new friend Sharifa Stevens, seminary grad and homeschooling mother of two young boys. She is passionate about freedom. A freedom rooted in recognizing our call to interdependence. One body. Focused on fulfilling the great commission. Together.

Being a Christian has no national borders. We can be Christians outside of an American context and outside of the 21 century and there’s a unifying sense of interdependence and dependence on God that marks us as different.

We also spend time chatting about freedom for moms. To accept help from others and release shame in our inadequacies. Exactly what we’re about around here: #dontmomalone!

What we chat about:

  • Personality traits and background stories
  • How Sharifa ended up going to seminary instead of law school
  • Women need to walk in the giftings that God gave us
  • Finding a church home and how comfort and convenience don’t always equal the right choice
  • Addressing the roots of race and racism in history and Christianity and how that affects us today
  • Be The Bridge curriculum for racial unity
  • Black Panther movie and themes of redemption
  • We were made to be interdependent, not self sufficient
  • Moms accepting help and letting go of the places we have shame and inadequacy

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