This week’s guest Janay Wilborn is a mom of two kiddos who are just 20 months apart. She shares a lot of hope for moms of multiple children and moms who are transitioning from one kid to two.

You have such overwhelming love for your first child and you wonder how could I possibly have the same level of capacity for another one? That’s where God is amazing because his love is limitless and he puts this limitless love inside of us as parents.

As we answer some of your questions about parenting young children and the transitions in motherhood, Janay shares some remedies to the mom guilt that tries to steal our joy and about the best way to teach our kids about Jesus. (hint: it’s not a specific Bible study or theology cards)

We round out our conversation with some tips about connecting with your spouse during the little years of parenting with date strategies to keep the fun in your marriage. Janay also shares with vulnerability and openness about the need to grieve the things you lose when you become a mom.

You have to recognize as a mom that what you’re doing with your kids is super valuable, but it’s okay to miss what you used to do. And I think when you acknowledge that it helps you value what you’re doing even more.

What we chat about:

  • Janay’s experience as a mom of two and the transition to caring for a baby and a toddler
  • God has endless love to help us love our kids
  • Engaging with older kids when you have a newborn
  • Connection time with our kids is more important than our task lists
  • Perspective on how quickly we go through the various stages with our kids. What is hard now will not be in the future!
  • Mom guilt and the fear that we’re not a good enough mom
  • How the constant comparison of social media contributes to bad mom self-esteem
  • The biggest way to teach your children about Jesus is the way you live
  • Transitioning to motherhood and grieving the loss of what you lose as a mom
  • Remembering that the time we have with little ones is precious
  • Connecting with your husband during the little years of parenting
  • The importance of sexual intimacy for a healthy marriage 
  • Date strategies and how to get back to the fun you had when you were just dating
  • Recognize that what you are doing as a mom is valuable

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