Being a mom reveals your most broken places.

I often think motherhood would be easy if my boys behaved better. Or maybe if I read one more parenting book. Or if I finally caught the magical contentment unicorn just beyond my grasp.

Of course, none of those options really pan out (especially the unicorn). It’s my own junk. Every day the yuck in my heart rises to the surface. But with the pace of life and needs of my people, it’s hard to stop and examine the “yuck” more closely.

A few years ago our small group attended a recovery program at our church. Through some honest self-examination and community, God showed me where I’ve held wrong beliefs. And how they impacted my relationships.

Today’s podcast guest, Lynn Hoffman, helped start our church’s recovery program 15 years ago. And God also led her to write “Steps into God’s Grace”, a bible study based on the 12 steps of recovery.

In this episode, Lynn shares her own struggle with performance, people pleasing and codependency. She gives insight into why recovery isn’t just for addicts. And she encourages us to identify our own emotions so we can teach our children to do the same.

Recovery became a safe place where I could go and be with other people who were willing to be honest. Stop pretending and start talking about the reality of the problems in their life. And lean on God to change and discover new realities in their life.

Connect with Lynn:

What we chat about:

  • Lynn’s divorce/remarriage and struggle with wanting to do everything right.
  • How she got her significance from her work and struggled to lean on God.
  • The discovery of recovery and God’s call for her to write a 12-step based Bible study.
  • Learning the lies Lynn believed and how they controlled how she behaved.
  • The lies that go along with “working hard”.
  • Why should anyone consider going through a 12-step recovery program.
  • The spiritual/Biblical roots of recovery.
  • The value of identifying your emotions in the moment.
  • The difference between shame and guilt
  • When we feel like a “mom failure” and how our worth is tied to our kids’ behavior and performance.
  • Getting in touch with our own emotions to help our kids with their own emotions.

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