Melissa d’Arabian is a winner of “The Next Food Network Star,” a celebrity chef, author, and mom of four girls. She’s an expert on affordable and healthy family home cooking who has inspired people with her shows on the Food Network. 

A few years ago, God inspired Melissa to do a deep dive into scripture and prayer to evaluate the meaning of food in her life. What she discovered is our relationship with food reflects our understanding of God and his creation. 

In her new book, Tasting Grace, she invites readers to appreciate food as not only a gift from God but also as a deeper invitation into his love.

Every meal we have can be an invitation into creativity, community, and patience. The fact that I could sit there and even for a moment and marvel and at least to honor everything that’s gone into my food connected me more to God and it made me enjoy the food more.

We talk about how meals can bring us closer to God and how he created a food system to nourish us and delight our palates. Melissa is passionate about separating food and body image and saying no to the negative perspective often put on food. 

I want my children when they are young women going out there in the world to have the joy of a great relationship with food. And so if I talk about myself in a way that is unkind, not only are my kids hearing it, but God is hearing it. Speaking in terms of body image and all of that, I think it must make God feel sad when I reject the body he has given me.

What we chat about:

  • How Melissa studied food and what God was saying about food
  • The wonder of food and gratitude we can feel toward it if we consider all that went into making it
  • Meals can bring us closer to God with every bite we take
  • God created a food system for humans that nourishes us and delights our palates
  • Food and body image and how they need to be separated 
  • How we relate to food greatly affects how our kids relate to food
  • Growing food in a garden gives us another level of gratitude
  • “Food is God’s love made delicious.”
  • Saying no to the idea that exercise is punishment for food
  • The spiritual winter Melissa walked through after her mother committed suicide

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