As usual, this sidetracked has so much packed into it, especially as we head into Mother’s Day and the end-of-school-year chaos. We recap my son Quade’s final high school musical performance as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. Once again the tears are flowing as I process having a senior and all of the final milestones that come along with it. 

Cynthia tries to describe what her best Mother’s Day would look like and it ends up being a 1980’s party with a clean house and peaceful kids. While I would like to bring back the homemade Mother’s Day crafts, let’s get all the high school teachers on board. Cynthia chats about what summer looks like when the college kids come home, it’s around-the-clock fun with the little one up at 6:30 AM and the big kids up until the wee hours of the morning. 

Come laugh along with us as we face the month of May and all of the busyness and big feelings that come along with this season of motherhood.  Stick around to the end where we share a big announcement about how the summer of podcasting will look. 

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