Did you know that once you are postpartum you are always postpartum? Do you have issues from pregnancy, birth, or c-sections that have followed you and don’t know where to turn? Do you know that only 4% of parents are getting the movement that they need? 

Today Krystle Howald, a women’s health physical therapist and co-founder of Expecting and Empowered, is here to break down some of the pains and issues we as moms experience after birth and beyond. While going to physical therapy school she quickly realized there were limited resources for moms who have incontinence issues, pain during sex, or just want to feel good in their body after childbirth.  She shares tips on how to baby-carry without injury, how to breathe properly to bring our body back into alignment, and how to fit movement in as a busy mom. 

Krystle brings hope, proving there are providers out there that want to help with the pain or shame around these sensitive topics, and that God has created our bodies to heal. Stick around until the end where she shares a coupon code for the Expecting and Empowered App! 

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