Have you ever heard someone say, “Motherhood is sanctifying”?

Do you know what they mean?

Well, I found this quick definition of sanctification to help us out:

Sanctification: “the same Greek word as holiness, “hagios,” meaning a separation. First, a once-for-all positional separation unto Christ at our salvation. Second, a practical progressive holiness in a believer’s life while awaiting the return of Christ. Third, we will be changed into His perfect likeness—holy, sanctified, and completely separated from the presence of evil.”-Gotquestions.com

Once you believe in Christ’s work on the cross for you, then starts the gradual sanctification until Christ returns.

Our children stretch not just our bellies, but our patience and our beliefs. That process refines us and causes us to rely on Christ more and more.

Children reveal our messy expectations.

Nothing like a tantrum in the middle of a grocery store, or poop smeared on the bedroom walls to reveal what I really believe to be True.

Today’s podcast guest, Amy Julia Becker, chats with me about her humbling, sanctifying motherhood journey. How her three children, including a daughter with Down Syndrome, have helped her grow up and hear more clearly from God.

Amy Julia writes about her experiences on her blog at Christianity Today. She has also been featured on HuffingtonPost, Parents, NYTimes Motherlode and Time (click here to see all those articles). She has also written several books, her newest book is, “Small Talk: Learning from my children about what matters most”.

My favorite conversations in this episode were: Amy Julia’s wisdom to see God’s image in our children, her thoughts on God’s faithfulness when we are faithless, and how to connect with others when we move to a new city.

AND BONUS!!! Amy Julia agreed to give away one copy of her newest book, “Small Talk”

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What we chat about:

  • Amy Julia’s humbling mom moment when a few hours after birth, her daughter, Penny, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.
  • The expectations we carry into mothering.
  • The challenge of parenting to not create our children in OUR image, but to see God’s image in them.
  • The gifts given back to Amy Julia as she watches Penny grow and develop skills didn’t expect to have.
  • The ability at birth to see our kids as blank slates.
  • “Disability is a magnifying glass that shines on our common humanity”
  • “My job is not to decide who my children are going to be.”
  • The wake up call Heather had after reading Amy Julia’s newest book, “Small Talk”.
  • How we shouldn’t feel pressure to be fully present, all the time, with our children, but setting up intentional times to connect and chat with them.
  • How God works in our own lives through our kids’ questions.
  • The two things Amy Julia hopes parents get out of reading, “Small Talk”.
  • The year of faithlessness and discontentment for Amy Julia (aka, “the year of wine & nachos). . .how God carried her in the midst of that season.
  • What helped get her out of that season, and being realistic when moving to a new city with 3 young kids.
  • “Trusting God is faithful even when I am not.”
  • The humbling (and blessing) of needing and receiving help.

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