How are you doing? 


What is the pace of your day? What do you long for and feel you are missing out on? What activities have you crammed in your life out of a “should” mentality? When do you focus on your spiritual life?

Today we are getting honest about our lives. And discussing ways to deepen relationships, simplify schedules, and connect spiritually.

This week’s podcast guest is the talented, Shauna Niequist. Author of several books (“Cold Tangerines”, “Bread and Wine”, etc), she has a new devotional available called, “Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are”.

If you are longing for friends you can share vulnerably with, Shauna offers a simple plan.

If you struggle with the concept of slowing down and “savoring”, we discuss our own struggle and practical ways to start. If you want to expand your spiritual life beyond time alone with your Bible, then Shauna paints a beautiful picture of what that can look like.

Shauna dishes out oodles of wise words. Enjoy!

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